Sighing Times Seven-Cafe Writing

Cafe Writing, Option Two: Give me seven things that make you sigh 

1) Seeing my puppies curled up together sleeping – the perfect canine companions;

2) Hearing my son talk about things he’s passionate and knowledgeable about;

3) Tasting a fresh cup of rich, dark roasted coffee first thing in the morning;

4) Feeling the touch of my husband’s fingers wrapped around mine;

5) Talking, laughing, and sharing stories with my girlfriends;

6) Playing music that I love on the piano, like Chopin’s Nocturne in E-flat and Debussy’s Arabesque Number 1;

7) Losing myself in the pages of a wonderful book.

Seven lovely things, and reading over them I see how reflective they are of all the things most important to me…my family, my animals, music, books – and yes, coffee too.  Sensible, I suppose, that the things which make you sigh with delight would be those things with which you wish to fill your life.  And how fortunate I am to be able to sigh in pleasure and not in pain, to revel in simple moments, to feel such satisfaction arise from tiny miracles like sleeping puupies, a young man’s conversation, a hand to hold in the dark, a confidence shared among friends.   For life in general is filled with moments like these – and mine in particular are very fine indeed.



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