Busy busy, so much to do.

Once again I’m the Mad Hatter, running around trying to get things ready for the tea party.

I came across this poem today, written about seven years ago. Seems I was just as busy then as I am now.

And this is still an appropriate way to describe Time.


doesn’t begin to describe
what happens to it
More like
 disintegrate, evaporate, eviscerate
 My lack of it
cuts me
like the sharpest of knives
in my drawer
The one I use for carrots
or steak
Little pieces of it
get swept into the dust bin
tossed away
before I know they’re gone
I rummage through the trash
hoping to find a morsel
I can still put to good use
I grab scraps –
ten minutes here
fifteen there
Could it be I’ve found
one hour
soggy and tattered
amidst the rubble?
Clutching this treasure
this time of my own,
I weep
Then throw wide the door



7 thoughts on “Time

  1. Carrots. You wrote about carrots once before – not in a poem, but in an essay – and I ended up writing about carrots because of it. It was after hurricane Ike, and I remember being so astonished that someone still was able to stand in a kitchen and peel carrots.

    How many years has that been? September, 2008. Nearly five years ago. And yet, when I read “carrots” in your poem, that time just collapsed. That’s something else about time – it does seem to have that quality of elasticity. Now, if only we could stretch it out a little in the other direction!

  2. When I read this last night, I remember writing it and being really busy with day to day things. Now I feel like the emotions are more global, that I have this huge sense of the passage of time in years and it flies by ever faster.

  3. Katy and I were just commenting the other day how we could not believe that we are in July 2013 already. This year seems to be flying by. Every year seems to fly by faster than the previous year. How is that working? Sort of scary huh?

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