Write On Wednesday: For the Longest Time

wow_button1-9-1Last night I realized I hadn’t written anything on my blog in the longest time, and I stared feeling nostalgic for the olden days of blogging.

Many years ago (seven!) when I began writing in this online space, I wrote nearly every day – partly because of the excitement that comes with a new venture, but also because of the connections forming between myself and other writers. We visited each other’s writing spaces daily, like children checking their secret hidey-hole in a hollow tree to see if any new messages had arrived. We joined and created groups that provided prompts for our writing, that gave us a little spark to incite ideas to flow.

We wrote and wrote, telling our stories, honing our skills, learning from each other about writing and life. We emboldened one another to try new things – poetry, haiku, flash fiction, even novels. We encouraged and cheered from whatever part of the world we lived.

Over time most of those connections have faded into the ether. People who bared their souls in words on the screen suddenly disappear from orbit. Having no other way to contact them, one is forced to ponder – were they real? did they exist? have they been abducted by aliens?

I miss them. Miss their unique voices, miss their life stories, miss the inspiration and impetus to write they often provided me. Like the cafe society that Fitzgerald and Hemingway enjoyed so much, the online society of writers we formed in those days was a way to connect with others, to share ideas, to support each others efforts, to discuss books and art and life in general. In this decade, it seems  that personal blogging has been usurped by the faster, quicker connections of Facebook and Twitter.

Writing is a solitary occupation. And writers tend to savor the solitary, so much so that we forget how much there is to be gained by sharing ourselves with others.

I’d like to enjoy that again.

How about you?




12 thoughts on “Write On Wednesday: For the Longest Time

  1. Hello Becca. I am here and I am reading. Most of the time I do not respond because I am either too busy or the post did not resonate with me enough. That is a me thing, not a you thing. I would like to invite you to go to http://www.lightourworld.com because I am starting the 31 day blogging challenge. I have to write a blog post for 31 days in a row and each day has its own focus. So far, so good. I am writing every day and I write more than one post per day so I can schedule ahead of time. Why do I blog? I blog because I love to write. Writing is good therapy. I also love to read others thoughts on their blogs as well. I love social media because it enables me to connect to people whom I may never have the opportunity to meet. I am so glad you are here Becca. Lets connect and encourage one another.

  2. I completely agree. Blogging seems to lack energy for me, somehow, and yet the instant feedback of Facebook seems vaguely unhealthy. It’s like I’ve changed, but I’m not especially happy about it. I’d like to encourage myself to take more time and be more thoughtful, so I’m still trying to start blogging again with some consistency.

    • It’s hard to be in all the social media places now. Once upon a time, blogging was “it”. I still like it because it gives me an impetus to write- otherwise I might not!

  3. Hi Becca, I have been unable to keep up with a number of blogs now that I have been so involved with Rotary. Was in Lisbon for the International Convention with 23,000 of my closest friends and now making my official Club visits to all 79 Clubs in our District.Will have a bit more time after September and hope to be more regular then. Also became a Grandfather for the first and last time in April as my daughter, who was not supposed to be able to have children, had a miracle baby girl.

    • Yea for grandchildren! We have one too (also something of a miracle) so I know what you mean. My grandson lives 1000 miles away, so I don’t get to interact with him as much as I’d like.

      Sounds like you’re having a fun, busy time! That’s really the way to live life anyway 🙂

  4. It’s interesting. I not only follow blogs via email and such, I have a clickable list I keep of all the blogs I do follow. I have them divided into sections. I keep all the Blogger blogs together, for example. It’s easier than any other system I’ve found for following them.

    One group in my list is called “apparently dead blogs”. So many of the blogs that were active when I began blogging haven’t had an entry for months now – even years. Every now and then one will reactivate, but it’s not common.

    Still, that seems to me the way of life. Even as some bloggers disappear, ties are formed with others. Slow, steady growth is the name of the game, and for my purposes commenting on other blogs and responding to comments on my own has been the way to that growth – not social media. Since I enjoy the relationships and the give and take more than I’m concerned with numbers, it works for me.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I agree with you completely about the value of the blogging community. I just don’t miss it, because I have it. It does take work. But I think the benefits far outweigh the costs.

    • I’ve never really been concerned with statistics and such when it comes to blogging. I’ve always enjoyed having a format to write and share ideas and experiences with others. So I hope it doesn’t completely go the way of the dinosaur!

  5. I’m still here! And yes, I have noticed change, some who have dropped off the radar, but most still here. I loved following with google reader (and surprisingly, things are still showing up on the google friend follow — go figure) and now am doing so with other things like bloglovin and email (that’s how I follow you). I notice I don’t get many comments (if any) from some I still follow and who used to comment frequently — so I’m not sure if they’ve stopped reading or just don’t like the post or don’t have time — all of which are viable reasons not to say something! I know that happens with me.

    I’m just looking forward to retiring soon so I can write more, visit more, do more thoughtful posts. Soon. I don’t want to ONLY blog then (that basement needs my help) but it will be a bigger part of me, I think. We’ll see!

    • I think we get in the habit of popping in an out of other people’s blogs, just checking in to see what’s going on and maybe not always having something pertinent to say. We get used to using the “like” button to let folks know we’ve been by and are saying hello – like the calling cards of old…

  6. Sometimes I wish I was part of that class of “old school” bloggers, paving the way, entering uncharted territory, rather than feeling like the new kid, looking over my shoulder, “am I doing it right?” BUT- I have enjoyed a few friendships that have formed in this online space… I’m glad we are still sharing ideas, encouraging and inspiring one another… because it’s so easy to feel like just another face in the crowd.

    • I really enjoy reading the newer bloggers who are coming up, getting the young woman’s perspective on where I was 25 years ago. It’s kind of fun being the “mom” of the blogging group 🙂

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