Write On Wednesday: Too Little Too Late

NPR featured my book on the air today.

The one I was supposed to write. The one that I’ve had ideas about for years. The one that was tailor made for me.

It was the book I was supposed to write – but didn’t. Because I was too busy writing medical reports, or doing press releases for volunteer groups, or going grocery shopping and doing the laundry. Because I was more interested in playing around on Facebook or following links on Twitter than sitting in my writing chair. Because I chose to go out to lunch with friends rather than do research at the library.

It was the book I wanted to write – but didn’t. Because I was afraid I wasn’t smart enough. Because I was scared people might laugh at me. Because I feared the topic wasn’t important enough.

It was the book I should have written – but didn’t.

So someone else wrote it.

NPR gave me more than another book to add to my to-be-read list (and read it I will, this book I should have written but didn’t). NPR also gave me a serious wake up call. All these writing ideas that keep pestering me are doing so for a reason. They’re trying to prod me out of my complacency, stir me from my slovenly slumber, and imploring me to take this writing thing seriously.

It’s now or never.


How about you? Have you ever gotten a writing wake up call? 




11 thoughts on “Write On Wednesday: Too Little Too Late

  1. I should have written this one, too — like you, it has been running around in my head for ages. And yes, it goes on the list. And yes, there are lots of ideas running around there. Alas.

  2. Oh no : ( This has happened to me. It’s heartbreaking when someone writes the book you wanted to write. I am still interested in your ideas about only-child-dom, for obvious reasons. I hope you’ll still explore it. In your own way. And share it with us. I also hope you sit down with any new ideas too!

  3. Thanks for the wake-up call, Becca. I keep thinking the same will happen to me if I don’t get off my butt. Remember, though, that hers is not the only story about only children. Write yours, and its uniqueness will be embraced.

  4. Ooof. That is the wake-up call of wake-up calls. Every day I feel like I get these, but, to be honest, your wake-up call has inspired me. I know I need to make a plan and do what I want to do. And to be honest, my day at work today–total wake up call. Had I written what I should have written already, it’s possible I could not be working there right now. Thanks for the push.

  5. Oh I’ve had many wake up calls throughout my life and yet it seems I can still stall. Here is to this wake up being the one that does the trick for you!! Pen to paper…and GO!

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