Change of Scene

Something I learned when we moved last fall – a change of scenery can be inspiring and invigorating.

When Deb Smouse, friend and Life Coach extraordinaire, starting contributing to Medium (a new concept in writing networks that’s still in the beta stage) I was intrigued.

When I received an invitation to post there myself, I decided to give it a try. My first piece is here – I’d love to have you visit, and if you like it, click the green “recommend” button to let me know you’ve been by.

A new writing space.

A fresh spring morning.

What’s not to like?


4 thoughts on “Change of Scene

  1. Becca, I jumped over and read your piece and enjoyed. I’m a lark. Who knew? I’m in agreement about morning routines. I do the coffee, writing and exercising, but I don’t have a dog. I dream about throwing a ball to a golden retriever. Does that count? They are such splendid animals.

  2. I have tripped across Medium before, and I love the style and vibe! I am a morning person, and more specifically, I’m an “ease into the day” kind of person. I crave the time that is quiet and for me, when my mind is most alert.

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