Coffee and Conversation, Blogger Style

Although I don’t consider myself a social animal, I’ve never had too much difficulty making friends. I can usually suss out a peer group pretty quickly, and because of my quiet good nature it’s fairly easy to find someone sympatico in any crowd.

It doesn’t hurt that I enjoy listening to other people’s stories. Almost everyone likes to talk about themselves, to share their personal stories of triumph and tragedy, and I’m truly interested in hearing them. That’s probably one reason I love the new Conversations Over Coffee series at All Things Girl magazine. It gives me an opportunity to “meet” some fascinating women and hear a little bit of their story.

This morning I’m excited to sharing some virtual coffee and conversation with one of my favorite bloggers, Angie Mizzell, who talks about everything from birthdays to bike rides and tells us how she set herself free from a career that no longer fulfilled her and set out on the path to define her own life.

Pull up a chair, pour a fresh cup of coffee, and join us.


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