The End of Summer


In my mind, Labor Day weekend always marks the emotional end of summer.

The first imprecations of autumn have already begun creeping in. Though there will still be plenty of hot days, still be plenty of occasions for wearing shorts and sandals, there is an undeniable hint of chill in the morning air. Dusk falls faster and earlier. Clothes take longer to dry on the line.

Things are changing, friends.

This weekend I will put up my summer purse, lay aside my white sandals and shorts.

I will place mountainous pots of yellow mums on the front porch at Brookwood Court.

I will search out t-shirts and blouses in colors like sage and cranberry and ochre.

I will open a brand new spiral notebook, take out a shiny new pen for new stories to write.

Soon I will also cut back the dried hostas and daylilies for the very last time.

Wind up the backyard clotheslines, perhaps forever.

Put the old back porch chairs out front on trash day.

The emotional end of summer this year is also a rather emotional end of my last full season in this house. I am mindful now of all the things I do for the last time. There is still a sense of unreality to it, this moving business. Even though this week I emptied all the drawers in my writing room desk, transferred the clothes from the winter closet to the new house instead of to their home in my bedroom here. There are bags and boxes scattered throughout the rooms here, separated for trash, for donation, for re-homing to Brookwood Court.

When people ask me if I’ve moved yet, I keep saying that “it’s a process.”

Like the changing of the seasons, little things are happening which herald the big change to come.

Emotional endings, all around.


3 thoughts on “The End of Summer

  1. (((hugs))) It’s tough to end something you’ve truly loved even when you know it’s time to move on to new adventures. You might find, as I did, that as soon as you have the ‘things’ you love in your new home and the old house is empty, it will become the box that it is and always was. It’s our ‘things’ that hold the memories that make a house a home. Welcome to the neighborhood and a new adventure!

  2. It’s funny – Labor Day used to be the “emotional end” of summer for me, too. Since school always began the Tuesday after Labor Day, the sadness of the ending was tempered by the excitement of a new beginning – and so it will be for you, in so many ways.

    Now, of course, the emotional end of summer for me is the end of Hurricane Season – officially November 30, but actually around October 1, or whenever the first cold fronts begin moving down. It’s time – everyone is ready for that to happen, but we have a whole month of heat, humidity and careful watching ahead of us.

  3. I’m longing for that first cool morning. It’s still too warm and humid here, but our days are shortening and the angle of the sun has changed. I know fall is coming and I’m trying to wait patiently, but I have achieved only a modicum of success with that.

    I always associate a certain amount of stress with moving, but I don’t seem to be experiencing any of it with your move. 🙂 It’s so much fun to hear about someone else’s move.

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