This week I’ve been working at The New House while a very artistic friend (and neighbor, as it happens!) works her magic on the first floor powder room. She’s changed the walls from a shocking persimmon color to a very relaxing oceanic green. So when you open the door now you can sigh in relaxation rather than thinking “AWK!” and stepping backward.

Anyway, while Ellen paints, I work upstairs in my new writing space.

And I love my new writing space.

But there is no internet in my new writing space.

And I’m beginning to love that about it even more.

This morning, in just about two  hours I completed a significant section of a work assignment, wrote a short piece for All Things Girl and prepared some interview questions for a Conversations Over Coffee I’m doing with one of my favorite blogger friends (nope, not telling who just yet).

PLUS, I did some clerical work for the theater company.

That’s right, in just about TWO hours.

You know why, don’t you?

There is no internet in my new writing space.

Granted, there was some information I needed for the work stuff that I couldn’t research without the internet. And I couldn’t email the interview questions, or type my article into the website for ATG without the internet.

Still, those pieces are easy enough to add into the puzzle later on.

I was able to accomplish SO much more without the internet to distract me.

Plus, I felt more calmer, more in control, more focused.

In fact, I think having the internet in a room is something like having the walls painted persimmon. It automatically sends you into a bit of a tizzy.

Rooms that have no internet are soft and relaxing, like the lush blue-green-grey tones of the ocean waves.

Tomorrow, while some very beautiful hand-painted stencilling will complete the look of my beachy powder room, I will have one more day to work free from the distractions of the internet.

And I will try to make the most of it.






8 thoughts on “Distraction-less

  1. Agreed! the internet is either a great tool, or a huge time waster depending on how you use it.
    I’m so glad you like your new, softer powder room so far! I can’t wait to get to that stenciling this morning, it’s going to look so lovely.

    • It’s totally lovely – exactly the way I pictured it – soft, soothing and elegant 🙂 I’ve been playing with artwork this afternoon and just might have something!

      Thanks, Ellen, for your beautiful work.

  2. I love how this post went full circle. The wall color was an entryway into the piece, and it became the perfect metaphor at the end!

    I’m addicted to the internet and the obsessive checking interferes with my productivity, focus and peace. The internet is not bad; as you said, it serves a very necessary purpose. But for example, the other night, I saw a friend’s status update… after a day of running after kids, she was finally sitting down to get some work done. Then, I kept seeing her liking and commenting on things (via that lovely ticker). How do I know this? Because I was doing the exact same thing of course. 🙂

    • That did work out rather neatly, didn’t it, and I didn’t even plan it! lol
      It’s hard to resist going out to play with your friends online – you know they’re hanging around just waiting for you!!

  3. You’re exactly right. I probably told you about Paul Graham’s essay, Disconnecting Distraction, because I’ve foisted it on nearly everyone in sight, but he’s making the same point you have here: a toy and a tool have different purposes. A computer’s tough to deal with because it’s both. Disciplining myself to stop using it as a toy when I’m supposed to be using it as a tool can be hard!

    And your color scheme sounds lovely!

  4. The internet is definitely an encouragement to multi-task, which easily turns into the equivalent of channel-surfing: an hour in front of the tube and I haven’t actually watched anything (part of the reason I don’t have a t.v.). I’m glad to read your realization — maybe it will help me show some self-control.

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