Where I Am

Days are flying by, filled with plotting and planning for the big move ahead. I wake with a flurry of thoughts – furniture placement, colors for walls and drapes and bedding and towels. My imagination wonders where my favorite places will be in this new house, where I will hunker down to read, to write. Where I will spin in happy circles when life is particularly good, where I might curl up to shed those inevitable tears.

Meantime, the regular everyday things continue to call. Puppy dog walks, trips to the grocery store, clothes that need washing, floors that need mopping. But all come with an extra edge of excitement, for the promise of change is in the wind.

And I am enjoying the breeze.



5 thoughts on “Where I Am

  1. Looking forward to having a new, yet familiar neighbor! Let me know if you need reassurrance on making all of those selections and rearrangements, my rates are pretty reasonable.

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