From the Notebook…

…of Life in General and My Own in Particular:

  • I’ve been getting my life back in order after finishing the musical over the weekend. There is always something of a let-down when a show comes to a close. All the preparation and rehearsals and excitement are over, and there’s nothing left but the clean up. Sort of like Christmas, actually. So I’ve been metaphorically shaking off the musical theater robes and putting my everyday clothes back on.
  • We are “clear to close” on our new house (this Thursday!) according to our mortgage underwriter, this word coming today after another flurry of paperwork over the weekend including what amounted to us writing an “essay” about why we were purchasing another home before we put our current home on the market. Yes, really.
  • As is often the way with Life in General and My Own in Particular, coming close on the heels of that good news was a somewhat frantic call from my stepmother who tells it would be a good idea for me to come and see my Dad sooner rather than later. Apparently the chemo treatments have delayed the progression of his cancer, but in the process they have affected his mental capacity (which until now had been perfectly fine). So they have stopped the chemo in hopes that this process may reverse itself to some degree. But the doctors have advised her that family members would be wise to come asap.
  • This call followed by one from the daughter of my neighbor from across the street who moved out of state a couple of years back, another elderly gentleman who I looked upon as one of my “extra fathers” – I was lucky enough to have several of those at one time in my young adulthood. Seems he is not doing well either, and is in rehab after a week in ICU suffering with severely bleeding ulcers. I called him right away, and was happy to hear his fighting spirit was still intact. “Don’t you worry, doll,” he said. “I won’t be stayin’ in this place very long, I can promise you that!” I hope he’s right.
  • I finished the last of several marvelous historical novels that have comprised my reading for the month of July. The Baker’s Daughter, by Sarah McCoy, joins The Sandcastle Girls, The Chaperone, and The Shoemaker’s Wife, as being what I consider the best books I’ve read all year.  Add to those historical novels The Book Lover and Lots of Candles Plenty of Cake, and my July 2012 Bookstack gets top honors.
  • After a wonderful (real live!) chat (on the telephone!) with one of my favorite writer/blogger friends, I’ve been rethinking my entire blogging life and have decided to make some big changes, about which I’m very eager and excited.
  • As we turn the calendar page to August (imagine!) I find myself in an anticipatory mood despite some rather concerning news. Nothing can dampen my spirits about our new house, and with each passing day I feel more certain that this is very much the best move for us. Let’s hope time proves me right!

How about you? What’s going in your life in particular?


6 thoughts on “From the Notebook…

  1. I can’t believe your closing is so close. It seems fast, but I’m sure it can’t be fast enough for you. I’m very happy for you, and I hope your concerns about your friend and father are for naught.

  2. Hi, Becca, I’m so far behind on blog reading. Weekends away keep me offline and late days at work (and a very hot computer room at home) have kept me here to a minimum. So, I’ve much to catch up on and doing it backwards.

    First of all, congratulations on getting ready to close! I’m so excited for you — I think you’ll love Northville! I try to get over there periodically, so maybe another lunch is in order soon, and on your turf. And most of all, I will think good vibrations about your father and your semi-dad. News like that is so difficult to hear, but at least you have been given notice, which oftentimes we don’t have. Take care.

  3. I hope that things are okay with your father and friend. I am oh-so-curious about exciting blog changes. I feel I need to rejuvenate my blog, so I’m always looking for inspiration when another blogger tries something new 🙂

  4. Life surely is a mixture for you now – which is the way life usually is. Just think – in a month or so, the house business should be behind you, and you’ll be telling us all about your new decorating schemes!

    Best wishes to your dad and “dad” – and I’m curious as can be to see what changes you have in mind for your blog. Anything other than closing it will be just fine with me!

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