The Road to Brookwood Court

16287 Brookwood Court, Northville, Michigan

16287 Brookwood Court.

That’s going to be our new address. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

We crossed the last hurdle today, after something of a heart-stopping moment when we read this sentence in the condominium association by-laws:

 No owner shall keep more than one dog or cat on the premises without written permission from the Board of Directors.


We’ve spent the last two days trying to find out who to contact and writing e-mails to get the necessary approval from the Board, all within the five day time frame. Meanwhile, our realtor tells us that a cash offer has been put on the house, so there is another buyer waiting anxiously in the wings should we change our minds.


Ain’t happening.

A few minutes ago we received word that Magic and Molly were officially sanctioned residents of Country Club Village.

It’s ON, people.

We’re moving.




11 thoughts on “The Road to Brookwood Court

  1. How Exciting! That other couple will find the home of their dreams, too, I’m sure! I’m very excited for your family of 4 – all 12 legs- of you!

  2. I’ve dallied and dallied about posting because I couldn’t remember why Brookwood did seem so – familiar. Finally! When my mom still lived with my aunt in Blue Springs, Missouri, their place was on NE Brookwood! So now I can stop worrying about what I can’t remember, and start congratulating you on the new home! I just know it’s going to be fabulous!

    • There’s another Brookwood street in the city we’re moving to – but’s it’s Brookwood Drive, and we’re Brookwood Court.
      Oy vey!

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