hunting: for houses this weekend, coming breathlessly close to making a (probably) bad decision and finally thinking better of it (i think) ~wondering why the things you want most are always just slightly out of reach~but grateful for the opportunity to dream big, even if only for hour or two

working: a lot, armed with cold iced tea and smiley-faced lemons floating in the glass ~ sweetening the deal with frosted lemon drop cookies ~ wishing for pair of strong and nimble massage fingers for my shoulders and neck while I sit here typing and typing away

listening: to the glorious voices of 40 men raised in song at our church on Sunday~ a musical gift of praise directed by one of my favorite people who taught many of these men to sing way back in their “salad days” ~ a sure way to put a smile of pure delight on my face

thinking: of fathers everywhere ~ the fathers who made us, the fathers who raised us, the men who want to be fathers but aren’t ~ thinking especially of my son, for the first time officially a father on this holiday, and of my own father, wondering whether he’ll see another Father’s Day on this earth

preparing: to spend next week with 30 giddy middle school students as they sing, dance, act and generally “get their Glee on” at middle school musical theater camp

planning: some writing projects for summer ~ not sure whether I’ll accomplish them, but once again dreaming some big dreams ~

anticipating: a guest post here on the Byline coming up Wednesday from a very smart, courageous writer mama ~  honored to have her telling her story here

hoping: you all had two days of rest, relaxation, reflection so you’re ready to welcome the summer solstice on Thursday


4 thoughts on “weekending

  1. What? Summer solstice? Already? Ok, then…..

    It sounds like a lovely weekend. Here, it mostly was two days at the computer, processing and sorting photos for a new post. We’ve had a terrific, heart-warming conclusion (we hope) to a months-long community struggle, and as someone used to say, “We were there”. (Was that Murrow? You’re too young to know, I’ll bet!)

    I’m interested in those lemon drop cookies. Did you make them? Is there a recipe? I’m on a search for the perfect lemon cookie – so far, nothing I’ve found has a strong enough lemon taste for me.

    Happy week!

  2. I really am so fond of posts like this that just let us know what you’re doing, what’s in your head, what you are dreaming an anticipating. It sounds great and I hope it was as perfect as the post! (Loved the photo on your FB page!)

  3. The lemon cookies are store bought in a bag from Archway Cookies, a local company. Crispy, tiny, with a touch of lemon frosting 🙂

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