Write On Wednesday: I Am A Writer

And today I have written.

A lot.

And even though most of it was related to work writing – i.e, it was technical and not creative in nature, I’ve recently developed a greater appreciation for the medical writing I do, particularly since I’ve been trying to teach others how to do it. I realize how mindful the writer must be to write these medical reports effectively, a mindfulness I used subconsciously all along.

All the while I thought I was an administrator at work, I was really a writer, masquerading behind Excel worksheets and schedules and meetings. When I was working as an administrator and not a writer, I lost track the skills required to create these reports and make them user friendly for their target reader.

I am a writer, and a writer at heart I remain.

One of the things I wrote was this post on my Write On Wednesday blog, about the 5 w’s of being a writer.

I put the post together in the form of a meme, asking my writer friends to ponder the 5 w’s of their writing life. I wanted time today to think about the answers to these questions for myself. Who am I as a writer? What pulls at my writer’s imagination? Where and when do I ply my craft? And perhaps most importantly, why do I – or any of us – write at all?

But as it turns out,  I never had an opportunity to think about those 5 w’s.

I was too busy writing.

Because I am a writer.

8 thoughts on “Write On Wednesday: I Am A Writer

  1. Oh, if only the person who wrote the assembly instructions for my glass-fronted bookcase would have taken her (or his) role as writer so seriously!

    I’ve never done technical writing, per se, but I would think it would be a terrific way to develop skills around structure and clarity. That’s a gift in itself, and a whole lot more writers should be trying to develop it!

    • I think I’ve learned a lot from my “technical” writing, and it suits me well because I was always the kid at school who loved writing reports. I like to take information, explain and organize it, and that’s exactly what my work writing involves.

      But sometimes it’s hard to switch out of that hat and into a more creative writing perspective.

  2. This made me think about when I was TV news reporter… there were so many things about “news” I didn’t like. BUT I was very good at taking a complicated issue and presenting it in a viewer-friendly way. Telling the story and getting to the heart of the matter has always been my gift. No matter what the job description. Because “I am a writer” too. Happy Friday and Happy Mothers Day!

    • “Telling the story and getting to the heart of the matter…” you do that so well, and in many different ways!

      Happy Mother’s Day to you too 🙂

  3. I remember feeling this way when I was still working. It was this feeling, this recognition of who I really was that got me through the last of my work life. Now I’ve been retired for two years and though I’ve indulged my love of writing and photography, I have found that there is so much more to me. It’s a joy to know that that part of me was true. It’s a greater joy to have discovered so much more.

  4. I’ve been reading down all your posts — about your Grandfather (wow — now that’s a story to be told, Ms. Writer) and writing and Connor and I’m so glad to be back in your blogworld!

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