♥  Taking a page from  Bella’s book, and linking up to the weekending series hosted by Amanda ♥

Working from home means that weekends can easily become just another work day, and Saturday was that for me.

But it’s okay.

I spent the day writing about people who have a lot more problems than I do, and sometimes that perspective is good for the whiny soul.

Sunday we played -literally and figuratively. I played bells at a local Methodist church, filling in for someone who was on vacation in my friend’s bell choir.  I feel like a circuit riding church musician – seems I’m always cantering off to some church or other (besides my own!) playing bells or piano.

It’s amusing.

Then we drove to St. Clair, Michigan, a small town about an hour northeast of here, that runs parallel with the St. Clair River. My husband’s choral group was singing in St. Mary’s Catholic Church, and while waiting for him to finish rehearsing I took a walk along the riverfront, sat on a sunny bench, read Web of Angels, and spent some time visiting with Merle and Barbara, an interesting elderly couple who were enjoying the spring sunshine.

The concert was wonderful (as always) and the acoustic in the church was a singers dream with a heavenly natural reverb that put the listener right up with the angels. There was an afterglow at a local restaurant (little meatballs, little crabcakes, big quesadillas, oh my!) and then we drove home in the twilight.

It was sublime.

And I appreciate that after some of the ridiculousness of late 🙂

How about you? What did you do this weekend? 


3 thoughts on “weekending

  1. Your weekend sounds much more sublime than mine. I did have a friend for dinner last evening, and we had real strawberry shortcake – homemade shortcake, hand-picked strawberries (which are in their glory here now) and real whipped cream.

    I had strawberry shortcake for breakfast today, too. And good coffee. And I refused to feel guilty!

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