Monday Come and Gone

Well, Monday.

You lived out your reputation today.

You brought me internet and automotive failure with broken crockery and dog vomit thrown in for good measure. It was a day of subtle – and not so subtle – annoyances, the kinds that make you throw your hands up and say “What next?”

As I was on my hands and knees gingerly cleaning up shards of glass (where just moments before I had been cleaning up the aforementioned dog vomit), I fully expected the phone to ring with news from my accountant of a Ginormous tax bill.

Oddly enough, it didn’t. (Although the night is not over yet.)

Some days it’s hardly worth getting up in the morning. But life undulates like waves on the ocean that I love so much. The natural rhythm of the world lives in our spirits, I think, and keeps us ever mindful of opportunities for things to be better.

Otherwise, how could we go on?

With what remains of this Monday I will take some deep cleansing breaths, curl up in front of the television (Dancing With the Stars, y’all) with a warm puppy on each side of me, and let my mind sweep and sway across the ballroom floor.

Later I will sleep and dream of a tomorrow that is better and brighter and less fraught with wrongs.

How about you? How was your Monday?






5 thoughts on “Monday Come and Gone

  1. Not too bad for a Monday for me, work was so-so and a nice glass of Cabernet at dinner made for a nice start to the evening. A chocolate Reese’s peanut butter Easter egg for a night cap and it’s a new day tomorrow.

  2. Monday? I think it must have been ok, because it’s Tuesday, and I barely remember yesterday. If something awful had happened, I would have remembered! (At least I think I would…)

    I sure do hope your day’s going better. It’s those piled up annoyances that can be worse than the BIG problems, I sometimes think!

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