March Madness is Officially Over!

It is with great glee that I report the manic month of March officially ended.

Friday was a fitting end to the Maddest Month in Memory, what with doing an all-day training session at the office and then a bell concert at night. In a complete reversal from what I expected, the training session was actually the more satisfying of the two events. Last night’s concert was missing something – that undefinable “it” factor that makes art come alive. I know I didn’t have it, and no one else in the group seemed to either. Instead of energizing me, it was more like a long slog through a muddy field.

Oh well.

And now life returns to some semblance of normal, at least for a couple of weeks. I say “some” because the month of April has a most unpleasant task in store. We’ve sold our home in Florida, and by the end of the month will have to dispose of all the furnishings.

Big. Huge. Sigh.

I can’t think about that too hard right now, or I will start to cry. And I’ve worked too hard during that last month to start April off with tears.

The best part of the weekend occurred earlier today, when, courtesy of the magic of the internet, we had over an hour long visit with the wonderful, marvelous, spectacular Mr. Connor. He smiled, he cooed, he burbled and blubbered, he demonstrated his brand new Jump-a-Roo, and almost rolled over.

In other words, he put on quite a show for his weary grandmother, who has been moping around in a fierce bout of melancholy.

Spirits were duly lifted, Mr. Connor. Such power you hold, for one so tiny.

Here’s the coolest little dude in the land…

How about you? How’s your April shaping up?



18 thoughts on “March Madness is Officially Over!

  1. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and sad I stop and look at Cate… little ones really do work wonders. You’ve had so much going on… and selling a home in the midst of it… wow. I can understand the need to “ration out” the emotional impact. I’m glad to be back over here… sorry I’ve been absent. I know I have an excuse but I missed you! 🙂

    • Rationing out the emotional impact..that’s a very good and true concept. At some point it will all catch up, I’m sure.

      Good to see you too 🙂 Give Cate a kiss from me!

  2. April brings the real Spring and is such a beautiful time in the Charleston Low Country. Sorry that you have to say good bye to your place in FL, but, change brings new fun things to the table and young Mr. Connor certainly brightens the landscape.

  3. Welcome back to more sane times, though I don’t envy you having to dispose of the furnishings. Connor is adorable. Little ones sure have the stuff to make people happy.

  4. that picture is so awesome. Yes he’s the coolest dude 🙂

    I can imagine that selling the house in Florida is going to be hard, even though it’s been a concious choice for good reasons.

  5. That is the most adorable baby. Don’t you love Skype. It is pure magic.
    I’m sorry that you have to let go of the house in Florida. Letting go is one of the hardest things in life. It may be the thing I have the most difficulty with. Once I’ve done it, I feel relief. I hope that’s true for you.

    • Letting go – yes it’s not easy, and not something I do well. There is some sense of relief in doing something you know must be done. Once I make up my mind I just want to get on with it!

  6. That photo is marvelous – funny and sweet all at once.

    i remember how difficult moving was for Mom – and how time-consuming and tedious it was, just working through the details and disposing of the “stuff”. Now that I think of it, cleaning out and closing out her apartment after she died was quite a process. But it got done – and I hope the process gets easier for you as you go along.

    • I haven’t had a lot of experience with moving, so it seems much more daunting than it really is, I think. Like any other difficult task, you have to muster your resolve and just power through!

  7. I have the worst time packing, moving anything. But I know that if I had to sell the cottage — and someday, I probably will — the packing and saying farewell will be excruciating. It’s not just putting things in boxes — that’s physical, takes a lot of time and energy but the act itself is not emotional. It’s looking at the space, the walls, the things you are putting away or choosing to let go — that’s a killer. I’m glad your powerful Mr. Connor is able to pull you out of that funk. They are super heroes, aren’t they, in that way?

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