Mountain Climbing

A while back I wrote a post about mountain climbing.

Tomorrow, I’m flying off to Scottsdale, Arizona to spend the week with a dear friend. So you probably won’t see me around these parts. I’m looking forward to some much needed down time. The pace has been hectic around here.

We won’t be climbing any mountains, though.

But they’re sure pretty to look at.

When I visit Arizona, I’m always struck by the difference in the scenery. Most every other place I travel, the vista’s are green and verdant. The desert looks so very different withy its endless browns, dusty mauves and sage.

It isn’t my favorite.

My friend spends a month in Scottsdale every winter, and I know she enjoys the opportunity to escape the chill midwestern winter. But if I were to go for an extended stay somewhere other than Florida, I’d look for flats to rent in Glasgow, or flats to rent in Aberdeen, or flats to rent in Edinburgh.

Talk about climbing a mountain, in more than one sense.

See you when I get back.

7 thoughts on “Mountain Climbing

  1. Scottsdale is probably less expensive! But I know what you mean, exactly! I love the landscape out there when I travel, but I so look forward to our green when I get home! Have a terrific time!

  2. I love visiting the desert, but too much of it makes me feel like I’m in a scene with the roadrunner and the coyote. I hope you enjoy the downtime. And thank you for the comment on my blog. It meant a lot. And the expletive made me laugh. 🙂

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