Happy (Birth) Day

Six years ago today, I hit “publish” on my first blog post. Starting a blog was a birthday present to myself. It was the year I turned 50, I was feeling slightly depressed about it, and so I gave myself the gift of a writing platform to cheer myself up.

I never imagined that I would enjoy it nearly so much, that I would meet so many interesting people, that I would continue doing it for six years (with no plans to stop), or start two more blogs.

I’m not in the mood to wax pathetic poetic about the anniversary of my birth. Suffice to say, with the number of people I know in my age group battling serious illness, I’m just happy to be alive and kicking. If I could wish for any one thing today, it would be to kiss my grandson’s velvety soft cheek and see his amazing little smile. But just knowing he is in the world is a gift of such amazing proportion, I hardly dare wish for anything more.

My husband made coffee for me this morning, and I’m happy to have time to drink it in my favorite reading chair whilst being bathed in early spring sunlight.  I’m happy to have a free day in front of me, happy to have friends sending me cards and greetings of all kinds. I’m happy to have this tiny corner of the world where I can write the musings of my heart and invite people to come by to read them and to share their own musings in return.

Thank you all being among that number.



22 thoughts on “Happy (Birth) Day

  1. Happy Birthday, Becca! I’m in awe of you – six years of blogging! That’s quite an achievement in itself, especially since you somehow manage to always provide something of interest – sweet, provocative or useful.

    I hope your birthday is the best ever, even though you can’t snuzzle that grandson. Know that you’re surrounded not only with love, but with a whole lot of affection and appreciation from people who’ve never met you!

  2. Awww love this post. Congratulations on the blog birthday, your life and your grandson. You reminded me of how long I have been blogging. It has been so many years I have lost count now. It is just something that I do even if it is not very often. I wish I had the time to blog more. Hopefully things will slow down so that I can enjoy writing more blog posts. Hugs

  3. Happy Blog Birthday and Happy Birthday to you as well. It is a bit of a challenge each day to remind ourselves of how good we have it when we have all those little aches and pains that come with the 50’s and 60’s. But, a good life it is and another reason to celebrate Friday.

    Cheers and have a wonderful bloggity Birthday weekend.

    • As they always say about getting another year older – it beats the alternative! I am go grateful to have good health for myself and my family. That’s the best gift of any, and it’s truly priceless.

  4. A very happy birthday to you from your kin in Illinois. Getting to know you on a deeper level these past few years has been an bountiful blessing to me. I hope we can get together sometime this year for a “cousin conflab”. Enjoy your special day.

    • Isn’t it funny that we’ve realized how much we have in common through the internet, even though we’ve been cousins all our lives? As soon as you retire, we need to have a cousins get-together somewhere fun 🙂 I’m counting on that!

  5. I couldn’t stop by yesterday, but I’m happy to add my well wishes to a long list. I’m so happy I found you out here in this vast network. What were the chances? I’ve followed you almost from the beginning. You’ve offered insight and inspiration and giggles. What more could a fellow blogger ask? I know the best gift of all would be some one-on-one time with that beautiful grandson. Oh, how well I know it. Wishing you good health, peace of mind and lots of grandma-time in the near future. Thanks for all the years, Becca.

    • Part of the amazing thing about these internet connections is finding our way to people with whom we share so many life experiences – like the two of us. Your perspective on some of the same things I deal with has helped me immensely. You’ve often made me smile when I felt like crying, comforted me when I felt all alone. I’m so glad our paths happened to cross 🙂

  6. Happy birthday AND Happy Blogaversary, Becca. I am so glad I discovered you in my earlier days of blogging. Through you, I explored my writing, I met many bloggers who have become good friends over the years and I have grown and been inspired by reading your posts. I’ve learned about new books, expanded thoughts, and simply enjoyed. And, being one of the bloggers who can count themselves fortunate to have met you in person, I know you are the same Becca in “real life” as in Blog Land and really, isn’t that just as it should be? Congratulations, my friend.

  7. Becca,
    You are an inspiration in so many ways, not the least of which is your six years of blogging. That is a huge accomplishment, especially given the thoughtful quality of each of your posts.
    One day I’d love to sit beside you – real living colour – and share a coffee and a chat. Until then, I’ll share our cyber-lives and wish you all the very best life can offer.
    And BTW? I’ve convinced my husband that it’s not a birthday, it’s a birthweek 🙂
    Take good care,

    • I would love to get all my blogging friends together in person- it’s been such fun over the years to see bloggers come to know each other via my blog, and to have the same thing happen for me via others. It’s a great network!

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