Connor after his bath

It’s been an oddly long week, considering we didn’t get back into our regular routine until Tuesday. The past four days haven’t exactly sped by – certainly not like the four previous days that were chock full of fun times with Mr. Connor, who grows by leaps and bounds and now greets you with smiles, burbles, and coos. How much do I love that???

It’s been a busy week, so it wasn’t for lack of activity that time seemed to drag. March is turning out to be the most hectic month in quite some time. I have three performances for the middle school (spent all day in rehearsal there yesterday), a benefit concert with Classical Bells (so still rehearsing every Monday), and some accompanying for a musical my friend is directing (spent three hours there on Tuesday). Plus, as of today, I’ve agreed to return to my former job as a part time consultant. In the midst of all this are five days travel to Arizona to visit another friend.

Buzz, buzz (the proverbial busy bee…)

Today I spent the afternoon in a meeting with my former boss and two of the four people that were hired to replace me. (Think about that for a moment.) At any rate, the woman who was originally hired to fill my position has resigned, so there is a bit of a scramble to get the other members of the department up to snuff in terms of procedures. Since they’ve only been working there three or four months, there is a lot for them to learn and absorb.

I was happy to learn that my assistance was not being sought for administrative duties, but as a consultant to “fine tune” the writing. Honestly, after just a few moments discussion today about the spreadsheets and timetables, I could feel my stomach tying itself knots again and my heart start fluttering in my chest. “Run!” my body was telling me. “Don’t get sucked back into the vortex of paper shuffling!”

But I think I can handle editing and helping the new writers refine their skills for a few hours each week. Also, it’s nice to see my friends in the office on occasion as well. As I’ve discussed before, social relationships are what make so many of our activities worthwhile, especially work activities which can sometimes be less than satisfactory in other ways.

Since I left in June, the company has moved into new digs just down that road that provide twice as much space. Everyone now has their own office with walls and a door, and most of the offices have windows. It’s a far cry from the crowded cubicle laden work space we had been using for the past 15 years.

But finally it’s Friday. The weekend will be a quiet one, and we plan to finish off all the programs queued up on our TiVo for the past couple of weeks. (Like the Downton Abby finale which I’ve never yet watched!)

Nothing spectacular, for sure, but something comforting to look forward to after a long week.

How about you? What’s on tap for your weekend? 







6 thoughts on “Friday…Finally!

  1. The first thing I believe I’ll do is go have a nap. Reading about all your activities wore me out! I am glad you’ve got so much music in your life right now, and if you can keep some limits on the work hours, I can see some advantages to that, too.

    As for me – I’m working all weekend! We’ve been foggy and damp all week, so I’ve been limited in the hours I could put in. Time to catch up a bit!

  2. Yikes! No wonder I haven’t seen you around lately! Your music will indeed balance the work, and it sounds like if you can work with the writing which is far more satisfying, then the job might be very good! Parameters — you do that and you’re good to go! And love that Connor pic!

  3. I’m sitting here, catching up on all the bloggy reading i’ve been missing. All that music will be demanding, but restful. And how nice to finally have some balance with that company (knowing you can leave at any time, that you are no longer doing the work of 4–small wonder you were tied up in knots). How wonderful to watch Connor thrive!!

    • Most of this music is quite playable, so I can sort of relax and enjoy it 🙂 I’ve certainly got a good variety of things going on, that’s for sure!

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