A Peaceful Interlude in Honor of a Good Man

Winter finally made it’s way here today. The sky was heavy with snow-laden clouds which decided to divest themselves of their icy burden a few minutes ago. It’s been snowing like the dickens ever since, and it’s only because the weather people have promised that it will all end just after midnight that I’m able to remain sanguine about it.

I know I should be grateful -we’ve had beautiful weather all winter long, with no measurable snow, lots of sunshine and mild temperatures – who could ask for more in Michigan?

But like most humans, I’m greedy. I wanted it to go on and on that way.

Especially since Thursday was the most beautiful of days I can ever recall for February. I drove out to the Irish Hills area of Michigan during the afternoon to pay my last respects to my uncle, my father’s youngest brother, who died on Tuesday. Once you get off the expressway in Chelsea that area of Michigan is pure country, with winding roads and gentle hills. There was very little traffic, so I was free to meander the two-lane road at my own pace. My little red car was freshly washed, I had a good book to listen to, and I enjoyed the trip perhaps more than I should have given the nature of the errand.

But my uncle would have appreciated that sentiment. He lived in a small house on the lake there in the Irish Hills for decades. He loved puttering around in his garden, playing pinochle every night, spending time with his grandchildren, going out on the pontoon boat and cruising around the lake, .

He was a kind and gentle man, who knew how to make the most of life’s simple pleasures.  And from the numbers of people gathering to say goodbye to him on Thursday, that was enough to make him very well loved indeed.

How about you? What simple pleasure in life do you most savor?


10 thoughts on “A Peaceful Interlude in Honor of a Good Man

  1. I am so happy you went to pay your last respects to your uncle Aram….I am sure he saw you there and got a smile on his face…..he was like that….loved his family and friends more than anything. He was a great man and more loving than anyone I ever knew……I will miss him very much…….Thanks for this Becc….Love, xoxo, Aunt Mary

  2. I’m glad your trip was good, as simple and pleasurable as the days your uncle liked to spend. This was a lovely tribute to him.

    As for your marvelous weather – I hope it isn’t the precusor to terrible drought, as our winter was last year. I know snow is an annoyance or worse, but it’s necessary moisture for the land. Lack of it has made rain everyone’s simple pleasure down here!

    • Yes, snow is a necessary evil. We did get a little bit over the weekend, and I can handle those small amounts. Today it’s back to 40 degrees, and all melting away, soaking into the earth 🙂

  3. I’m glad you had a beautiful day for your Uncle’s sendoff. How nice that your drive was so peaceful.

    Our winter has been mild, too. My husband is loving it. He has been playing golf once or twice a week. We’re expecting snow this afternoon and tonight, but I’m skeptical. We haven’t had any this winter.

    • Shoot, we’ve got people playing golf here too – and that is unbelievable in Michigan in February! I think they’re a little nuts, but hey…my Uncle would probably have been one of them, too!

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