Tea Time

When my husband works at home, as he’s been doing this week, he usually joins me in a cup of tea about 3:00 in the afternoon. I tease him that his English ancestry is calling, because he seems to look forward to that tea break with rather un-American enthusiasm.

This isn’t the first time in our relationship that Jim and I have enjoyed a regular tea time. When we were dating, we often ended our dates with a cup of tea and a plate of Keebler chocolate fudge cookies. At the age of 17, my culinary skills were nonexistent limited, but I could brew a mean pot of Tetley tea. I had even bought us an authentic English Brown Betty teapot to brew it in.

When we first got married, we switched over to after-dinner coffee. In the summer of 1976, Mr. Coffee’s were brand new (amazing, right?) and it was so easy and fun to make coffee, that we’d brew up a pot each evening about 7:30 or 8:00 and sit down to watch TV.  In those days, Jim left for work at an ungodly early hour, and I usually didn’t get up to drink coffee with him.

Like much of the rest of American, we’ve become addicted to the PBS series, Downton Abbey, and I always smile at the way the British invest tea with ever miraculous powers. A nice hot cuppa seems to cure everything from broken hearts to wartime injuries.

Although I don’t know how powerful our afternoon tea breaks are, it’s nice to stop working for a few moments and refresh yourself.

How about you? Do you and your partner count on any rituals to make the day more pleasant?

16 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. Tea – no – Downton Abbey – I can’t get enough of it!. But I usually watch it alone – it’s not my husband’s cup of tea:)

    Anyway, my husband and I do 12 trivia questions every morning after breakfast. We have been doing this almost since we were married 14 years ago. We always marvel at the insignificant stuff we do know and the major stuff we don’t know and should know. We are going through the Trivial Pursuit cards for a second time and I have several books of trivia that we have used. We also started quizing ourselves on the state capitals. We both used to know them really well, but we found that we had forgotten some states.
    For us it’s a nice way to bond and begin our day.

  2. At this time in our lives, we have zero rituals! But we used to enjoy Starbucks Sundays. Today, Shawn went with me to a doctor’s appointment and I was hooked up to machines while they monitored the baby (she’s fine!). I closed my eyes and said, “Pretend we’re on a date.” Then I told him I was actually lounging by the pool. I think he thought I was nuts. Anyway, it’s great that you and Jim stop for tea. I’m sure we’ll reinstate some rituals in the near future. They’re so important!

    • We had no rituals during the child-rearing years.
      No time for them!

      Glad to hear Little Miss Cate is doing well – she’ll be making her appearance quite soon, won’t she?

  3. Our rituals also revolve around beverage drinking. The Big Guy is the Barrista and I am the lucky recipient of his coffee….prepared and delivered to me at the computer desk. Sometimes I act “SURPRISED,” and other times, just for fun I pretend I’m a Grand Dutchess and show him the EXACT spot I want it placed on the desk top.
    I LOVE HIM! :0*

  4. Becca, we definitely share the same time for our ritual.
    Wherever I am in the world, I stop for a cappuccino about 3 pm every day. If we’re at home, my husband usually makes it, though I’ve been known to froth the odd jug of milk myself 🙂
    It’s been a long-standing ritual. I love everything about the ‘stopping’ and paying attention aspect of it.

    • Yes, it’s good to take some time out of the day, wherever you are, and regroup.

      Of course, I favor our afternoon breaks in Florida when we can enjoy them outside by the pool or at a sidewalk cafe downtown people watching 🙂

  5. I seldom drink coffee anymore. I switched to tea after being diagnosed with AFib and was surprised when my husband followed my lead. We have tea every morning and sometimes in the afternoon. We enjoy it. I still have a cup of coffee occasionally, but I really don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.

    • I love tea, but it doesn’t do it for me in the morning. I know too much caffeine isn’t good for the heart, so I’m glad you were able to switch without too much trouble!

  6. I don’t think we have any regular rituals other than we always like to run our errands and shopping necessities together. It may be a Saturday morning and we have to hit Target and maybe someplace else before going to “our” grocery store. This is good time together and we chat about whatever is going on or what’s on our schedule for the week, etc.

    • My son and daughter in law have always enjoyed the weekend shopping together. They usually have a meal someplace and make a day of it.

      My husband is not a good shopper, so I do better on my own in that department!

  7. Drinking tea! Seriously, my husband and I both drink tea. I don’t drink coffee, and he can only have a cup a day or he gets ill from it. As he’s English, he grew up on tea. We make each other cups all the time, starting first thing in the morning, through the day (on the weekends anyway!) and right through until the last cuppa of the evening. 🙂 tea does cure many things!!! The English are right! 🙂

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