Write on Wednesday-My Love Affair With Writing

While I’m in Florida this week, I’m running some pertinent posts from the archives. 

You see, it all began with a typewriter, quite like the one in the banner up above.  Picture, if you will, a chubby four year old with dark, curly hair, perched at a battered brown desk in front of a round attic window, her pudgy fingers jamming down the keys, and looking in astonishment at the letters which appeared on a white sheet of paper.


Three and four letter words, which eventually became three and four syllable words, which she memorized from the books she was (forever!) trying to get someone to read to her.


Which she strung together in meaningless, pretty sentences, and finally into endless stories, usually filled with dark images and scary feelings.


Which she tapped out on the old typewriter, her fingers gaining strength as she got older, taking on more than just made up stories, words which spoke to her feelings about justice and peace and the future of this world she was growing up in.

For a while, the old typewriter keyboard took second place to another keyboard – one of black and white ivory keys, that, when pressed, created not words on white paper, but lifted sound from off a page of black and white music, sending it spiraling into the air.

No words.

Now the words are tapped almost effortlessly onto a screen, gently clicking keys releasing the flow of images and ideas that seem to overflow her mind, her fingers no longer pudgy, but slightly worn from time and the activities of life, all the things which find their way onto her page, find themselves expressed in the way she loves and knows best.


Posted in response to this project, with thanks for Michele for the idea 🙂 


15 thoughts on “Write on Wednesday-My Love Affair With Writing

  1. Hi Becca

    Thanks so much for joining in this project!

    I really enjoyed reading your piece, you captured beautifully both the physical act of writing and the sense of connection it creates with our words, our selves, our lives.

    I wanted to know more about the piano playing… I keep on getting messages from the universe about the connections between writing and piano playing… but I guess that’ll have to wait for another day 🙂

    Best wishes


  2. Just stopping by in a hurry to say: You were one of the first commenters on my “Pay it Forward” giveaway. I’ll be putting the little books together this weekend and if you email me your mailing information, your little gift will be in the post soon! I’m so pleased you’re one of the recipients!

  3. Your “words” are music to my ears!! I had a portable Smith-Corona and I used to love belting out my “stories” on it — it was baby blue too!! The things we remember!

  4. How lovely, Becca! I was pleasantly surprised when I popped in to find your wonderful contribution to Joanna Young’s writing project!

    I love how you started as you were a chubby four-year-old little girl, hungry for words, books, knowledge and how it turned into you now clicking away on your computer wise, full of words and stories overflowing effortlessly….

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  7. I too have always been fascinated by words and as a young child remember fondly sitting on my mother’s lap as she read to me. Words turned into my passion for books and reading. Typewriters – now that’s a memory I haven’t dredged up in a long time. My sister lugged home a typewriter from high school that she had to practice on – there were no letters or numbers on keys to discourage the typist from looking at the keyboard. She would let me sit at the typewriter and type my name. Over and over again she showed me what keys would make my name. What a joy when I could do it myself – I was 5.
    So, yes I too have loved words all my life.
    Thanks for this trip down typewriter memory lane.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  8. This is wonderful, and so “you”. I thought at first I’d read it before, but I dont’ think so. It was published two months before I came to WordPress. I just think it feels familiar because it’s Becca’s “voice”.

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