I appreciate the guest post, Vito Rivers

After I visited directstartv.com and upgraded our television package this morning, my heart dropped because I suddenly remembered the real reason that I got on the internet earlier. I need to clock my hours for the last two weeks so that I could get paid by my job. I rushed back to the computer and logged onto the network to log in my hours, and it wouldn’t let me record them for the last two weeks. The time period had already closed. I was devastated because I knew that it was going to take hours to correct the problem. I work at a large university that does all of its payroll through the payroll department and not your specific department, so problems are always more difficult correct. So I spent the latter half of the day ( my day off) working on trying to get paid for the last two weeks. You can’t even imagine what a fiasco it was. I had to go through several different people and I must have been on hold for hours! I am never forgetting to log my hours again!


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