A Gift From the Weather Gods

Sun warm on my face. Blue, cloudless skies. A gentle breeze.

Michigan in January? No way.

Yes, way.

Today, in fact.

Today I wore my new winter jacket when I walked this morning, but started sweating and had to unzip it after 10 minutes. (Frankly, I’d be perfectly happy if I didn’t have to wear this extra warm jacket again all winter. At least I was smart enough to look for an online coupon from Eddie Bauer before I bought it.)

Today, I hung curtains on the outside clothesline at 3:00 in the afternoon and they were sun dried, wind-ironed, and ready to hang at 4:00.

Today, I sat on my back porch steps wearing only a hooded sweatshirt and drank hot tea while the dogs chased squirrels around the pine trees.

There is something unnatural about this gentle winter. The ground is dry, the grass is still green(ish). Who can believe this is winter, after the last two years of harsh daily snows and pervasive gray skies.

“Payback’s going to be hell,” someone said the other day, expecting that winter will kick in with a vengenance. And this morning, the weather forecaster did warn us of impending winter doom by the end of the week- colder temperatures, a rain/snow mix, and a jet stream that brings long-lasting cold in its wake.

You’d never know it by today’s weather, though. Just like life in general, the world can be rosy and warm one minute, but turn icy cold and brutal in the wink of an eye.

Still, it’s been lovely while it lasted. At least the weather is testament to my New Year’s Eve prediction that 2012 would bring us “more than we expected.” More warmth, more sunshine, more nice days than I can recall in all 55 of my Michigan winters.


5 thoughts on “A Gift From the Weather Gods

  1. You enjoy, while I worry on your behalf. I’m a weather fuss-budget – too much drought has made me nervous when there isn’t snow where there should be snow, when the ice doesn’t freeze and the trees and plants get out of synch.

    On the other hand – getting to hang sheets out and have them dry in the sun and breezes? What luxury! Glad you had such an enjoyable day!

    • It is a little nerve-wracking. What’s happening to make the weather so different?
      And does this mean we’ll have snow in April instead??

      I’m afraid it’s coming to an end tomorrow. Back to the real winter world.

  2. We are loving the weather so far in S. Carolina, 72 again today even with some showers. We had one little stretch of cool weather about 3 weeks ago and that’s it. We have flowers blooming and they have got to be confused as heck.

    Here’s to balmy winters!!

  3. Weather does seem to do that; create some payback for the mild days. But good for you for “enjoying the moment” (heh). I got some deeper meaning from this… don’t waste a beautiful day waiting for and expecting the other shoe to drop. Embrace and accept the gift!

  4. Catching up, can you tell? Oh, what a gift last week was. Like you, I unzipped, unfurled the scarf, walked and enjoyed. I don’t like walking in this — I’m too nervous about falling and messing up another body part! Well, you know…

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