The Perfect Subject

My little grandson is three weeks old today, and I consider myself amazingly lucky to have spent these first three weeks of his life on earth here with him. He is growing so beautifully, and settling into his little family here, with parents who love him to pieces.

I’m going back to Michigan later this week, so my further adventures in grandparenting will be from a distance. This idea of a long-distance relationship has been on my mind a lot, so when my friend, Andi, the amazing writer, teacher, and blogger, offered me an opportunity to guest post at her new blog, Gray Hair and Acne, this seemed like the perfect subject.

I hope you’ll hop over there and read my thoughts, and then add Gray Hair and Acne to your reading list.


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Subject

  1. Great post Becca. I think the most important piece to being a presence in someone’s life is love. You have that one covered, so I bet the rest will come together! As a side note, I read your bio on the site and I did not know that you like to ride your bike! Me too. That makes me so happy that we share that 🙂

  2. I enjoyed your guest post, Becca. While I don’t have grandchildren myself – or children, for that matter – I am a granddaughter. Just today I was writing about a memory of my grandmother – and it warms my heart every time I read of someone else ensuring that today’s children will have the same warm memories in the future!

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