White Friday

Connor supervising Daddy and Papa putting up the Christmas tree

You won’t be surprised to learn that shopping is NOT on my agenda today. With each passing year, I am less enthused about the material aspect of the holidays. At age 55, I have all the stuff I want, and if there is stuff that I truly need, I get it for myself when finances allow.

I’m calling today White Friday, because I won’t be adding any black ink to merchants bottom line. Instead I’ll be helping put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree decorations (Connor loves looking at the multi-colored lights), taking our official Christmas card portrait, going for a walk to the park down the street, and tending baby as needed.

In a short while we’ll be driving my husband to the airport as he wends his way home to Detroit (boo-hoo). We’ll all miss him. He’s developed a rapport with Connor that we count on as the last resort (besides nursing of course) when the Babe gets cranky. Yesterday morning, Connor listened with rapt attention to his grandfather’s long discourse on subjects ranging from backyard swings to the nature of gravity to the proper way to manage people when supervising a project.

Those are the special moments that put the black ink in my profit and loss statement.

So how are you spending your post-Thanksgiving Friday? Are you in the “white”?


15 thoughts on “White Friday

  1. I’m with you, Becca! This Black Friday thing is crazy and just plain don’t understand it.

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with Baby Connor and family. It is the best way to celebrate any holiday!


    • We are having a wonderful time, and it’s priceless, being here for his first weeks at home. I know you’re well aware of that! I hope you get some similar quality time with your grandkids this holiday season 🙂

  2. I am calling today MAD Friday folks are running around like mad trying get this and that. Katy and i are having a quiet lunch outside and enjoying the weather and staying clear of the shopping madness.

  3. I am staying in the house all day and hiding from the madness. The lovely Miss Teresa and I went out on a Black Friday about 20 some years ago and I vowed never to do it again.

    Did a workout on the treadmill and then a sauna, yes, we are cwazzzy and turned one of the bedrooms into a room with a sauna. Absolutely love it.

    Now watching 5 football games and chowing down on leftover mac’n’cheese, courtesy of Angie’s grandma’s recipe, best ever.

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and it’s already obvious that young Master Connor is ruling the roost there.

    • Ohhh – a sauna in the bedroom! How cool is that! (or hot, really -lol) Great idea, and the perfect way to spend a relaxing day and sweat off the extra calories from Thanksgiving 🙂

  4. It’s a little of this and a little of that – but none of it involves shopping! I did drag down all the Christmas decorations and such, sorted through them and got a couple of boxes ready to go to Goodwill. By the end of the weekend my walk-in closet will be completely organized – something else to be thankful for!

    There really wasn’t a question in my mind who would be the center of attention in your Thanksgiving celebration – and I was right! Love the image of Connor listening to that grand-fatherly discourse!

  5. Some Black Friday pepperspray & fights are in the news here…it sounds like you really want to stay in instead of going out on such a day. yikes! White Friday sounds a lot better.

  6. Black Friday is for much braver and younger souls. I didn’t buy a thing.

    It’s easy to see your blessings. Connor is an adorable fellow. Enjoy! Our new one arrives soon.

  7. Sounds, to me, like you have your priorities straight. I have zero interest in Black Friday. I love what you say about Connor listening to your husbands stories. I can totally envision it.

    • I’ve tried to replicate those stories, but to no avail. Oddly enough, he likes to hear me sing. (My husband really IS a singer! and I’m supposed to be the story teller in the family!)

  8. White Friday. Perfect. I vowed not to shop — apart from cat food for the Gyp and some people food for us. In fact, I made it throughout the entire holiday weekend with only grocery shopping (a little kitty litter thrown in ) in the expenditures category, and since those are somewhat necessary, I was good with that! Like you, I am overloaded with stuff. It’s almost too overwhelming to purge — too many memories, too much, “I know I’ll need that someday.” But I have NO desire to add more to it. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

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