Time Machine

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, so I took him on a little trip in a time machine.  After a long lunch (which included his favorite cocktail as a special treat) we spent the afternoon meandering around Greenfield Village.  The streets were nearly empty, and we walked at our leisure across the green, through the covered bridge, past the Suwanee River boathouse, and around the chapel where we were married over 35 years ago. Jim had a long talk with one of the glassblowers in the craft area, and I learned that my husband has always been fascinated with that art form – who knew?

The streets were nearly empty so it was pleasant and even a bit surreal. The sky was alternately overcast and sunny, so we felt either a cool shiver down our spines or a warm glow on our face. Occasionally a Model T would rumble past us or the train engine would belch and snort as it went around the bend.

Sitting on the patio at the Taste of History cafe, sipping hot coffee and sharing a chocolate chip cookie, it felt as if we’d stepped back in time, away from the stresses of work (his) and the pile of paperwork on the piano (mine). We’d wandered into a place where life seemed simpler and easier, where you might work an eight hour day, share dinner around the table with your family, spend the evening reading, taking a walk, visiting with friends, listening to the radio.

You all know how I fantasize about the Mitford way of life, the kind of slow paced lifestyle epitomized in Jan Karon’s series novels set in that small town nestled in the foothills of North Carolina.

I had a taste of it yesterday afternoon, and it felt wonderful.

So I made a vow to return as often as I can before the snow flies, to soak up the serenity of a more peaceful time gone by.

How about you? Do you have a favorite place to go back in time? 





8 thoughts on “Time Machine

  1. My husband and I love any place that evokes history, honors nature’s abundant beauty, and is without the ubiquitous fast-food restaurants and big-box stores. So, we head up to Door County,Wisconsin whenever we can. This year we will go back again for the longThanksgiving weekend. We don’t do much – eat a lot, (too much), walk, (if it’s warm enough) and read, read, read. I bring stacks of magazines I haven’t had a chance to look at and a good book and I’m as content as anyone can be. I like peace and quiet and Door County always calms my spirit and makes me content.

    • I’ve never been there, Bonnie, but I’ve heard other talk about it. I didn’t know it was that kind of peaceful place. It sounds like you have the kind of vacation I really love 🙂

  2. Lovely post. How wonderful to learn new things about one another and step back in time for a bit. I enjoyed a trip to Charleston which felt a bit like time travel. 🙂

  3. When we were living at Dad’s, I was filled with anxiety about something or other one night. I woke in the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep. We snuck out of the house for a little while and drove to Williamsburg (not far from Dad’s). I’ll never forget it. There wasn’t a single soul around. We were transported back in time. It truly felt like we were in another century. We sat on a bench and sipped hot chocolate and breathed. Then we walked around and window shopped. It was so quiet and surreal. It almost felt like a movie set. I’ll never forget it. Dad never knew we were gone.

  4. This sounds so lovely. I think it is important to have places like these, where we can find respite and be brought back to ourselves. I have plenty of places like these in Vancouver and in England, i.e. far away from where I live now! But even here there are a couple of towns I enjoy to visit: Northampton has great coffeeshops and is a very lively and quirky place (something I crave a lot these days) and Shelburne Falls for it’s quaintness and natural beauty. This post also reminded me of the “artist date” as described in Julia Cameron’s book, do you know it?

    • This would make a great place for an artist date – I’m familiar with Cameron’s book and with that concept. I need to get back there ASAP for that very thing.

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