A Word About Autumn

Autumn is a second spring, and every leaf a flower. ~Albert Camus

I treated myself to this package of beautiful postcards bearing this splendid crimson leaf, a true autumnal flower.

I’ve been writing on them with my lovely fountain pen, copying snippets of verse about this favorite season.

If you love autumn and would like a word or two about it to flutter into your mailbox someday soon, send me your address (to beccasbookstack (at) gmail (dot) com) and one will come winging its way to you.

9 thoughts on “A Word About Autumn

  1. I received my card. I love the lines from John Burroughs that you wrote on the back.
    It sits by my computer so I can read it every day and be encouraged by its meaning.

  2. I guess I am too late now 😦 But autumn is my favorite season, too, and I love your idea of sending these cards, I think you have just inspired me to make some of my own, thank you, Becca!

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