Retail Therapy

Once upon a time, before recessions and job losses, I shopped a lot – or at least it seems like a lot when I look back on it. In comparison to some women, I suppose it was trifling. But in my younger days, I enjoyed a good bit of retail therapy.  It was fun to get new things.  A shiny pair of earrings for instance, or a cute little purse. Some fun throw pillows for the bed, or new placemats for the kitchen table.

And books. Lots of books.

I’ve about outgrown my love of shopping, at least in terms of feeling the need to shop to lift my spirits. I don’t want any more “stuff” for my house (at least, not this house), and clothes don’t excite me the way they once did. I’d usually rather spend my time walking around a nice park than a shopping mall, and I’m just as happy with getting most of my books from the library.

It’s probably a good thing that age has eliminated some of my need to buy, because unless I take up online sports betting and develop a pretty good winning streak, I can’t see throwing money away on needless stuff. I’d rather save it up for trips to Dallas to visit my grandson, or to the brand new Disney resort in Hawaii. Besides, someday people around here (namely my husband) are going to want to retire, and with the investment markets as insecure as they are, no matter how much money we save I have a feeling it won’t be enough. Unless  our mutual fund managers also start to place bets on the Detroit Tigers while they’re still winning.

So I look for “therapy” in places other than stores – in a walk around the block, a cuddle with my puppies, a nice glass of wine and a good movie on the DVR.  All relatively cheap, and very therapeutic.


8 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

  1. Sounds like we’re in the same place. I am on vacation and am not being called to visit the botiques I used to frequent, even the bookstore. It feels really good to be spending more time out on the beach on beautiful days and less in air conditioned climes!!

  2. Books have always been my downfall. I’m getting better at not buying paper books, but my Kindle is another situation. Somehow it just doesn’t seem like I’m really buying a book when nothing physical shows up in the mail. My “to read” list, however, never gets shorter!

    • They make it TOO easy to buy “books” on those electronic readers. I had a Nook for a few minutes (gave it away!) and was amazed at how easy it was to spend money. I bought a book once and had read it before it before I even got the e-mail notifying me I had purchased it!

      Now I have an iPad, so I have to be careful not to do the same thing.

  3. I went through a retail therapy period ages ago — not a good thing! But now, I still can get caught up in books, kitchen gadgets and art supplies! I really need to weed out, simplify, say goodbye to stuff and sometimes feel so helpless at it!

    • There are still certain things that really tempt me, especially when I’m traveling and I see a cute shop with jewelry or knick-nacks (do they still call them that?) and YES, kitchen gadgets.

  4. I never had the shopping therapy gene, my idea of shopping is to go to the store when I need something, walk directly to the department, select, try on and pay for it. Out the door in 15 minutes usually.

    My therapy is sports, boating, and a daily glass of red wine to make the woes of the world just melt away.

    I might just like to see Disney in Hawaii, that sounds like a fun trip.

    • I don’t know one male with the shopping therapy gene! Unless it’s fancy electronics – there are a couple of males in my family who get a big lift from buying those 🙂

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