My Friendly ACO Hardware Store

I’ve been sprucing up the outdoors a bit lately, adding in some new plants, putting new layers of mulch around the shrubs, getting hanging pots up.  First of course there was beaucoup weeding to be done – we’ve had so much rain this year, the weeds have been soaking it up like drunkards and growing like the proverbial you know what.

I’ve fallen in love with my neighborhood ACO hardware store, because they have absolutely everything I need, even though it’s crammed into a fairly tiny space. I’ve found everything from greeting cards to pet food to planters and pool covers in this little gem of a store. It’s also a nice change from the huge warehouse stores like Home Depot or Costco.  Even stores like Walmart make me a little nervous – they’re just too big.  I kind of enjoy pottering around in a small, cluttered store. At ACO, there are even friendly sales people wandering around who seem only to happy to help.

I’ll be going back tomorrow, because I’ve finally found the garden bench I want. I just need to take my husky helper with me to get it. They also have a bird bath that matches, and I’m thinking about getting the pair of them.

Why not, right? Summer is just too short..might as well make the most of it in as many ways as possible.

2 thoughts on “My Friendly ACO Hardware Store

  1. Dick and I love old, non-chain, hardware stores. Usually they have old wooden floors and everything is still in bins – and the help know where everything is and what you need for any repair job. I just love posing around in them. These little stores are a dying breed – so I say use them whenever you can.
    I detest big box stores – although I do use them because that’s usually all there is. But little old local hardware stores – abosolutely wonderful!

    • They are few and far between, especially around here. I love those old stores with the creaky wooden floors – reminds me of the Big 7 in Leitchfield, which I adored when I was a little kid.

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