Ad This

When we were in Dallas last week, my son was telling us about the marketing activities he’s getting involved in at work.  He pretends to dislike marketing/advertising type activity, but even if he does dislike it, I imagine he’s pretty good at it.  Time was, I thought he’d be a shoe-in to work at an esoteric little advertising agency (like the one Michael and Elliot owned on thirtysomething).  I admit, my son would never make it at an advertising agency like Don Draper’s.  When Brian was little, he loved making up slogans and jingles for things.  He also spent hours designing logos for products his cartoon characters might by, and then creating ads in the newspapers he made for their imaginary town.

Doesn’t that sound like an ad man in the making to you?

Truth be told, I’ve always thought I might enjoy working in an advertising agency myself, maybe one dedicated to handling women’s products, or nonprofit arts organizations.  I’ve thought about that even more since I worked on our designing our marketing products and website for the office last year.

Who knows what’s in my future (or my son’s for that matter!)  I might one day add advertising to my resume after all.


3 thoughts on “Ad This

  1. The television series “Thirty-something” was a favorite at our house, too. I’m now trying to recall the wive’s names. It would be great to find that series on a DVD. I have lusted after Michael & (Eve’s?) front door for years. Funny what impresses us, isn’t it? They had the greatest house! CAROL

  2. One of my favorite memories from elementary school was when our 5th class made up our own commercials to present in front of the class (and then later for the whole school.) Mine was a boring monologue about Close-Up toothpaste. But my best friend, Page, did a hilarious commercial about De-Grayer shampoo. “She washed that gray (wig) right out of her hair.” The best thing about creating ads is the actual act of creating and working with a team. I think in its purest form, it’s a lot of fun.

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