You Say Goodbye…

It’s been a week of convergent endings, in life in general and my own in particular.  My last week of work coincided with both Oprah Winfrey’s and Mary Hart’s (who retired after 30 years hosting Entertainment Tonight).   Although I didn’t have quite the sendoff these gals had, Tuesday marked a definite shift in my lifestyle and my prospects for the future, one I’m eagerly anticipating.

This was also the last week for two of my favorite competition/reality shows – Dancing With the Stars and American Idol.  We follow these shows from the beginning, and I can’t help but get involved in the lives of the competitors and I miss them when the shows come to an end.  I’m just a sucker for watching people develop a talent into individual greatness, particularly when you see someone like Hines Ward (a football player for Pete’s sake!) turn into a joyful, elegant ballroom dancer.

It makes you believe you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

Also this week, we’re in Florida, making the first moves towards putting our house on the market to sell.  This is bittersweet for us. We’ve had some wonderful times here, and we put the house together totally from scratch.  At the desk where I’m sitting is a collection of photographs my son took as the house was being built 10 years ago.  Once it was finished, we had the delightful task of furnishing it from top to bottom – that was the most fun as a “homemaker” I’ve ever had, and it’s doubtful whether I’ll ever have another experience that comes close to resembling that.  As my husband says, this is probably the best house we’ll ever own, so there’s no surprise we have some mixed feelings about giving it up.  Realistically, it’s the sensible thing to do- with a new grandbaby living in Dallas, how much time will we be spending in Florida?

Of course, no one ever said it’s fun to be sensible.

Topping of a week of goodbyes was another one to my friend, C., who made the trip back from China only weeks after moving there, due to her mother’s death.  Although the circumstances were sad, it was an unexpected gift to spend some more time with her, and reminded me again just how much I will miss her in the months/years ahead.

Last week I started rehearsing with my middle school chorus kids, preparing for their big spring concert.  One of their selections is a Beatles medley, which includes this song:

It got stuck in my head after rehearsal the other day…”You say yes, I say no, you say stop, I say go, you say goodbye and I say hello…hello, hello.  I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.”  It reminds me that with every goodbye comes the opportunity to say hello – to new careers, new homes, new relationships – even new TV shows (can anyone say So You Think You Can Dance?)

So as I say goodbye to some very important places, people, and experiences in my life, I also say hello to what the future might hold.  Life in general is full of surprises, and I’m looking forward to whatever comes next!

How about you?  Have you said goodbye to anything in your life recently?  And then said hello to something new and exciting?


9 thoughts on “You Say Goodbye…

  1. It’s always bittersweet, isn’t it. Just went through one wave of goodbyes, and I can see another big one just ahead. Time for hellos is yet limited, but I am hopeful: am more than ready to make something new. Good luck to you — you’ve definitely found the perfect soundtrack for this phase of your life!

  2. Wow, Becca. You really have a lot going on. I think that’s the great thing about writing and blogging. Imagine going through so many changes without stopping to process it? Oh, wait, I’ve done that!

    I also can’t believe your “four weeks left” has turned into “I’m done!”

    But I have a very serious question to ask. Now that our favorite shows are done, what are we going to watch? At least we have Friday Night Lights. But isn’t this the last season? What on earth are we going to do?

    • It IS the last season for FNL…another goodbye!! Seriously, I do get attached to these shows. Our evening TV watching is a chance to decompress and think about other people’s lives and troubles for a while and to share in their triumphs. I’m on the lookout for a couple of my favorite summer shows – Mad Men, and Men of A Certain Age. Also, I think The Closer will be back for one final season this summer – ACK! another goodbye 😉

  3. What a simply beautiful, eloquent post, Becca, and how perfectly you capture the dilemma of farewell and discovery. (And wasn’t Hines terrific? It was really tough to decide this time around!)

    Goodbyes. It seems like I said a lot this winter, to those who died. Next week we’ll be saying goodbye to Rick’s youngest as he ventures forth on an internship in Atlanta. I’ll miss Kevin; Rick is having a really hard time. He turned into such a wonderful young man after some trying, non-communicative teen years. He’ll be back in six months to finish MSU, but we suspect after that he’ll end up working someplace out of Michigan. The oldest plans to leave for Korea this summer to teach English. That’s a whole different story — way too long for a comment! But nonetheless, that’s what we anticipate this summer.

    Soon we’ll be saying hello to the lake, hello to new old friends when I meet with some blog buddies in Chicago — but then we’ll part.

    It must be hard to prep your house for the market. Thinking of you.

    • I know how you must be looking forward to saying hello to the’s a familiar rite of passage for “up northers” in Michigan, and I have several friends who are getting itchy for their cottages right about now.

      It’s hard to say goodbye to the kids, seeing them go off in all different directions as young people seem so prone to do these days. God knows, I’ve done my share of that in the last 10 years!

      As always, thanks for the thoughts, and the support 🙂

  4. I’ve learned alot about Hellos and Goodbyes recently, as you know.
    And as we’ve said a thousand times…..”Life only goes forward!”
    Embrace it with your Author-Eyes and tell your Blog all about it!
    We love to hear it!
    Lovingly, CAROL

  5. Aah, you say it so well. I have said good-bye/hello so many times in my life, I have lost count. And not in a bad way, either, most of them have been about – you guessed it! – moving: jobs, homes, countries mostly. I have to confess: I love new beginnings! Although, as you know, as of late I crave a tad more permanency, too. A friend of mine, who shares my restlessness, once said “we need change, it’s what makes us feel alive”. He is not wrong. I am so excited and honored to witness your transition into something that I know will be life changing and fill you with aliveness, I can already see it! 🙂

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