Seriously Fun

Today was a seriously fun day.  An outsider looking in would undoubtedly say “What’s so fun about walking the dogs or running errands or going to the library?”   “What’s fun about cooking dinner and pulling weeds in the flower patch?”

You’ll just have to trust me on this.  I had fun.

I literally feel about 100 pounds lighter since I quit my job.  Even though I’m still technically working and training my replacement, there’s this huge sense of freedom in knowing I’ll no longer be shuffling papers and messing about with Excel spreadsheets and postage meters and copy machines.  No more checking and double checking to make sure that one attorney got their copy of the report e-mailed, and another got hers regular mail, and who was it that won’t pay for postage, and which one only wanted medical records after the treatment was completed?  And don’t forget to print the invoice on gray paper, and make sure you send a complete client history to this new doctor we have an appointment with, and if you can get that out today that would be greaaaat.


The more I think about being done with all that, the happier I feel.  I could float on air, I’m so happy about it. What the heck took me so long?

So today was a laid back, do nothing but putter around sort of day.  Added to that, the sun was shining and it actually felt almost like spring for the first time in 2011. I picked up some new library books and hauled my lawn chair into the middle of the yard where I actually lay in the sun reading  napping for about an hour.   I’d probably still be there if Magic hadn’t roused me by chasing a rabbit across the lawn.  I’ve got some nice things coming up this weekend- and next.   And I’ve just learned some very, very exciting news, which I’ll tell you more about in a couple of days.

I guess I wouldn’t want a steady diet of days like this – I probably need a little more structure for the long haul – it was seriously fun to just chill out for once.

I could definitely get used to it.

How about you?  Did you do anything seriously fun today? 

11 thoughts on “Seriously Fun

  1. Walking on sunshine — uh huh — and don’t it feel good?!

    You sound so very happy and that makes me happy. My most fun thing today? Reading this!

  2. What a happy post, Becca. You’re going to dip yourself in the fountain of retirement, and it will take years off your age. It’s a little like being a kid again. You can play. I loved my job, but there is nothing like the freedom of owning your day.

    • You’re right, I do feel younger, with all these possibilities open to me (not the least of which is more free time!) I’m not sure this is “retirement” – I think I’ll be working again sometime – but it was definitely time to make a change 🙂

  3. When I decided to start my own business, I didn’t appreciate the gift I was giving myself – that freedom to arrange my day. Granted, sometimes I arranged it to work 10 hours a day 10 days in a row, but it was my decision. And that has more in common with your wonderful day than with some of the stories I hear from the “cube farm”.

    I can’t think of anything better than a combination of “spring” and “freedom”! No wonder you’re feeling so fine!

  4. Hey, did you remember the cover letter for the TPS reports? Because there was a memo. Did you get the memo?

    Thank you for this seriously fun post.

  5. Way to nap! That’s awesome Becca. The days are yours to create. You can add structure when you want it, but meanwhile…enjoy.
    It is an awesome privilege, and after almost 15 years of doing it, I can tell you, it never gets old 🙂 You sound fabulous.

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