Another Year Older

Last week while we were on my annual Florida idyll, my friend M. and I hit the movie theater several times.  Neither one of us every goes to the movies at home, citing lack of time.  Generally I’m happy to wait for the DVD release so I can curl up on the couch and watch the film in my jammies.

But when you’re faced with six lovely days to fill, we figured we had  time to spend catching up on the shows. After all, there’s only so much Florida sunshine a girl can take, right?

We went to three films, at three different cineplex.  There are some very nice movie theaters in Naples, particularly The Silver Spot, where you choose your own seat when you purchase the ticket, a huge brown leather armchair complete with cupholder and footrest.

Tickets are a little pricey in Naples, as is most everything else in this resort town which caters to older, wealthy Floridians.  Matinee tickets range from $7.50 to $10.50, which seems like a lot to me, since I remember going to lots of $2.50 movies back here in “the D.”  Of course, that was in the olden days, when I was young.

My friend is a bona fide senior citizen, although she hardly looks or acts the part of a mid-septagenarian. But she happily asks for the senior ticket at the box office, although it doesn’t buy her much of a discount in Naples where the richest people actually are the senior citizens.

Usually I buy the regular adult ticket.  I’m still seven years (and one day) away from the official, government sanctioned version of the designation.  So I’m always my usual kosher self, and play by the rules.

The other day though, I tried an experiment, although I was immediately sorry about it.

We were at the Regal Cinemas to see The Adjustment Bureau.  It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon, so lots of people had turned out to see the latest Matt Damon release.  Tickets here were relatively cheap – $7.50 for seniors, and $8.50 for adults.  I stood in line behind M., who purchased her $7.50 senior ticket and walked into the theater ahead of me.

I walked up to the ticket window and requested “One, for The Adjustment Bureau.”

“That will be “$7.50,” he told me, barely glancing at me as he pushed my paper ticket under the window ledge of the box office.

He gave me the senior ticket without asking.

He took one look at me and just gave me the senior ticket.


I’m wasn’t really surprised.  I feel tired and old lately, so I’m sure I look it, too.  I had done my hair that day, although the still breeze that’s always blowing off the Gulf continues to wreak havoc with my thick wavy locks.  I was wearing makeup, and dressed decently.  I know I shouldn’t care whether a teenager thinks I’m old enough to be his grandmother – which I am NOT, by the way.

But still.  S*#!.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and until the last five years, I’ve never minded being another year older.  Of course as a kid, I couldn’t wait for it – wanted to grow up and be an adult just as fast as I possibly could.  And most of the time, being an adult is just fine and dandy.  But sometimes, I’d prefer not to be quite so much of one.

I might like to hold onto my “youth” for just a while longer, even if it costs me an extra dollar at the movies.


15 thoughts on “Another Year Older

  1. I’ve started noticing that I’ve become invisible to certain younger people. It’s a bit of a shock. Like the first time some kid calls you “maam”. Yikes!
    Have a great birthday tomorrow. Got anything special planned?

    • Sometimes I don’t mind being invisible, but sometimes I’d like to make a splash. Perhaps I should rethink that electric plum hair coloring I got a couple of years ago???

  2. Oh, I’m laughing. I’m a full-blown senior citizen of course, and only a year away from Medicare! But I never think about it until I’m at the grocery store and some nice young person says, “Would you like some help to your car, ma’am?” It must be the graying hair.

    But I really don’t mind. My mother fusses at me and says I should use a better night cream and get manicures or something. And I certainly shouldn’t smile and be out in the sun so much because it causes wrinkles. I tell her I’ve earned every wrinkle, every gray hair, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

    I have a friend in Cali who joined a group whose name I can’t quite remember – “Graying and Great” or something like that. They’ve jointly committed to toss the hair coloring and let their gray shine. Hooray for them, says me.

    Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! Every new year is a gift, for sure!

    • There is definitely a sense of earning that wisdom that comes with the gray haired experience. I’ve learned a lot and wouldn’t trade that for the fickleness of youth, that’s for sure! Still lots more to learn, methinks…

  3. Since your friend looks younger than she is, the ticket guy must have assumed the same about you. You should have stomped your foot and said, “Do you know who I am? I’m Becca! From Becca’s Byline? I’m big in cyberspace. Huge.” 🙂

    Happy Birthday. I’m so glad to know you.

  4. Well, I’ve met you, and I think the ticket guy must be NUTS. Either that, or he thought he was doing you a favor by giving you the discount. He probably didn’t realize that he would live in infamy in the blogosphere.

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday! So glad to know you..

  5. I KNOW! we at least want it to be assumed that we don’t need the sr discount unless we ask!!!! Ah, well. And your expletive made me laugh right out loud!

  6. Like Anno said, I’ve seen you and I’m sure he was just making an assumption because you were with your friend, because no way you look close!

    That said, if I’m going to age, I’m going to max out the senior discount. The grocery story and my local community theatre allow it at 55, and I think the movies are 60 — just a few months! That said, a few months before my 55th birthday, I was at the store on Senior Day (the down side of going on Senior Day is it is SO DARNED SLOW!) and the guy at the counter said, “Don’t forget to fill out the discount form.” I said, “isn’t it 55?” And he said yes, and when I told him I wasn’t quite that yet — I had a few months to go — he gave me the discount anyway. He was so embarrassed!

    Maybe I’ll start considering that since it was senior day, he just figured most people passing through who didn’t have a baby in the cart or weren’t college age were seniors! Yeah. I like that!

    • One of my favorite stores in Florida has Senior Day and the discount starts at age 50! I was plenty happy to take advantage of that a while back when I bought a bunch of new clothes and ended up getting over 60% off my entire purchase 🙂 Now that’s a discount worth aging for!!

  7. I am a horrible person: I completely and utterly failed to wish you a happy birthday ON your birthday. Please forgive me? And know that I did – and do – wish you many happy returns of the day.

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