The Joy of Snow

We had more snow today – lots more snow, actually, and while you might think that would send me into paroxysms of despair, it was actually a rather nice day.

I love snow days.  Always have.  I love being able to stay inside all day, with nobody really expecting me to do anything else but be safe and warm and off the street.  I love the sense of hunkering down and cozying up, love to while away the extra time with books, magazines, hot tea, and warm puppies.

So it might seem odd, in a winter where I’ve done nothing but complain about cold and snow, to say I wish tomorrow were a snow day too.

But I do.

How about you?  Did you have a snow day today?  Did you love it?


6 thoughts on “The Joy of Snow

  1. Not here… this weekend it was in the 70s… which was a good thing because my son had his 5th birthday party, and between his friends, their siblings and parents, we had about 45 people at our house. Thank goodness I was able to have the fiesta in the back yard. 🙂

  2. No snow day here. In fact, I worked a good long day. No Presidents’ Day holiday for the self-employed.

    This morning I’m being granted the pleasure of a “fog morning” instead of a snow day. I’m about ready to finish my last cup of coffee and get working, though. When I can see across the lake, it’s time to move.

  3. We’re supposed to get snow down to sea level by this weekend. Hasn’t happened here since the mid-seventies. It won’t be enough to make anyone stay home (except for those lucky people who can figure out a way to spend the cold, cold days in front of a fireplace), but it should be beautiful.

  4. It did snow here a couple of days ago. We started out the door for our morning walk and I almost slipped on the step. It was covered in ice and it was sleeting. I turned around and went back inside. A few minutes later, I looked out the window to see snow. It covered the trees but didn’t stick. Pretty.

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