Winter Hyperbole and Life in General

The meteorologists were slightly off track in terms of inches (10 instead of 15) and timing (it was mostly done by sunrise instead of lasting throughout the day), and there was never even a blip in the power, thanks be to God.  I’m not complaining – if the forecasters must err, let it be on the side of leniency.  That’s probably the way they look at it too.

But the widespread “snow day” was definitely justified, and I have no compunction about staying in the house and waiting for the snow removal crews to get around to my driveway.  In fact, they can wait until tomorrow for all I care.

So far today I’ve shoveled a path for the dogs, drunk the majority of two very strong pots of Gevalia coffee (can you say overcaffeinated?), cleaned out my lingerie drawer and mercilessly thrown away a huge pile of old faded undies and slips (when was the last time you wore a full length slip?)  I’ve just finished tidying up the office/reading room/gym.  This room really needs a name – my friend Melissa (aka The Word Ninja) calls her office The Word Lounge, and I love that, but since that name is obviously taken I need to come up with something of my own.

I’m about to clear out a shelf in the closet where I can store all my writing books.  I have amassed quite a library of books about writing, and I’d like a place to store them, along with the variety of journals and workbooks that become attached to them.  The one I’m reading now – Writing Life Stories, by Bill Roorhbach – has some great ideas and exercises for stimulating memories and writing those memories into stories that relate to life in general.

You know that’s what I’m all about over here.

Speaking of life in general – I’ve been reflecting on how to handle a situation at work.  I haven’t been very happy with my job for some time, although I like the people I work with and the office atmosphere.  But I realized yesterday that my 10 year anniversary is coming up, and I’ve discovered that 10 years is kind of a breaking point for me, the point where I begin to tire of what I’m doing and start itching for something else.  My job has evolved into mostly administrative tasks rather than actual writing, and there is a push to hire another writer so I would be doing even less writing than ever, leaving me time for still more administrative tasks.  I’ve been dragging my feet on the process of hiring/training another writer, because (1) I dread, dread, dread the training process, which is tedious and long; and (2) I don’t want to give up even more of the little bit of writing I now do.

I suppose a talk must be had with the powers that be.  I don’t always do well talking (or “verbalizing”, as we put it in our medical reports).  As you might guess, I’m much better at self-expression via the written word.  So maybe I’ll spend some of my time today writing out the points I need to make.  I’d like to just slip the paper under my boss’ door and run – but of course, I can’t do that.  As the saying goes, I have to put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

That’s my snow day so far…if you’re having a snow day, how are you spending it?

10 thoughts on “Winter Hyperbole and Life in General

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  2. Oh, Becca — sorry about the job — I know where you’re going with that. It’s hard to have to contend with giving up part of the job you like most. I have had to do that in the past, and eventually it worked for the better because the things I learned made me more marketable and I even enjoy them a lot (not that I HOPE to be in the market at 59! Still, who else would pay me to be on FB much of the day?)

    Snow day. Last night I packed up a ton of work to take home so I could work all day and not have to take vacation time. As I was walking out the door, the closed the U for all of us. I didn’t unpack — there or at home. I’ve been through one very nasty cabinet of old records, old product manuals, old everything and got all drawers empty except two for greeting cards I’m saving. Then I did art for the rest of the day. And I was happy indeed. Even better, my boss canceled our 8:30 meeting, so I don’t have to panic about the snow. Now I’m settling in to read a bit before bed. Nice, nice day — and the groundhog saw his shadow!

    • I brought home work too, and it’s sitting here beside me -untouched. I don’t have to go in the office until noon tomorrow, so maybe in the morning???

      I would gladly take another snow day tomorrow.

  3. Living above the 49th parallel, we are so used to snow days. But every winter it seems like our neighbors to the south have more trying times that we do. We have minus 20C temp. but then when the Chinook wind blows, we’ll get back to zero or above. There’s hope in the midst of your winter storms though, the groundhogs have proclaimed an early spring.

    I love the hopeful words of Shelley too: “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” Take care and keep warm… Spring is fast approaching. 😉

    • I was amazed that the groundhogs actually were on our side for once! A ray of hope at least…

      And last night I noticed our electric timer light came on way before dark, so that’s hopeful too 🙂

  4. Keep us posted! Decisions and confrontations… not may favorite things. When I was in TV, I’d go to the boss a lot, spelling out what wasn’t working. In hindsight, ah, hindsight… I had lost sight of what I really wanted out of the work. Bosses care about the bottom line… so perhaps you can get creative and think about how there can be a win-win. How you can do more of what you enjoy and the company still makes money. Don’t take advice from me, though… eventually, I quit! 🙂

      • That IS good advice, and I was actually thinking along those lines myself. I believe I’ve come up with an idea that might work, so I hope she goes for it 🙂

        I still wonder if I might have “lost sight of what I wanted out of the work.” We’ll see, I guess.

  5. Well, I suppose being your own boss has its good points – and not having to march in that office and have “that talk” is one of them. On the other hand, it can be tempting to avoid facing realities when there’s no one else around to hold your feet to the fire. Sometimes I do really well with the self-discipline, and sometimes I don’t.

    We’ve got an ice day today, as you’ve seen. I’m trying to get caught up with blog reading – there are so many, and I get so far behind! And, I need to clean up after Dixie, who got sick in the middle of the night eating plants I’d hauled in from the patio to keep them from freezing. Other than that – just trying to stay warm, and hoping we don’t lose power. I could cope. Mom, not so much.

    • I hope you’ve stayed warm today, and that your power has held out. Your weather is so unprecedented, and that’s hard for everyone to deal with. At least those of us in the midwest expect this kind of stuff!

      Being your own boss would definitely have its rewards. My compliant, complacent nature works to my advantage in terms of getting along with my superiors at work. But I tend to let things go too far before I speak out, and by the time I do, I’m utterly fed up and sick of the whole situation.

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