On the Horizon

Usually I don’t pay much heed to weather predictions.  More often than not, weather forecasting is like reading the National Enquirer – a lot of hyperbole.

But the storm that’s supposedly on its way through the midwest starting tomorrow night sounds like a doozy, and has me quaking in my proverbial boots.  Over 15 inches of snow is expected, and that’s a whole lot more snow than we’ve seen at one time here in over  35 years.  As a matter of fact, they’re comparing it to the blizzard of 1974, one I recall rather well, although I was just a teenager at the time.  It’s impact on me was purely self-centered.  All I cared about was that it meant my boyfriend couldn’t get home from college to see me, so another endlessly long week would go by before we could be together!

Now that I’m older, my biggest fear about snowstorms (other than having to drive in them, which I’ve already made sure I won’t have to do this time) is losing electricity.  One of the downsides of living on the same street as my 83 year old mother is that if one of us loses power, we both do.  So there’s no safe haven.  She’s particularly vulnerable to cold and ice, and the last thing she needs is a fall or to catch a bad cold.

But as long as the voltage holds out, we should be okay.

In fact, I rather enjoy an excuse to hunker in for a couple of days, maybe put a pot of soup on to simmer, drink hot cocoa in between rounds of shoveling, and read, read, read.

How about you?  What do you like to do on snow days?



18 thoughts on “On the Horizon

    • Surely you won’t let a little rain put a damper on your smile! I’d love it if we were expecting rain here instead of the other wet stuff that’s coming.

  1. Becca – egads, here, too! they’re calling is “smowmageddon” on the news, tho’ nothing has happened yet. We all brought work home from the office, but you know, the “kid” part of me is celebrating a snow day though please please, let’s not have anyone suffer for it. Without the electricity, that would change the day in mnay ways, including the “work from home” aspect since no vpn connection.
    And it touched me that you mentioned your mom. I hope all goes well for her… and in fact, all seniors. My mom is 25 minutes away, in a senior aparmtent complex, a distance that’s a far strtetch in a snowstorm but she is prepped.

    I may stay up late and read in celebration of the potential day off (any chance these people are wrong?), and if we don’t lose electricity, I will likely bake something (that we don’t really need but it’s fun) tomorrow!And will we be able to resist the urge to go outside and experience it for a moment or two? But no, no sleigh riding….don’t forget to feed the birds!
    Will post a picture or two depending on the light; and will check back to see how you’re doing next door!

  2. If you have a stat counter, you probably think I’ve been stalking you. Where have I been? I missed so many of your posts. I’ve been catching up on them. I thought I’d only comment on this one – the most recent – but you always get me going, and I spoke my piece on every one of them.

    My family is dotted with some pretty self sufficient folks. They’re always prepared for storms. The generators are fired up before the impending event and pantries are stocked and grills and such are checked. They sit back, munch away, and watch television through the whole thing. It’s a hoot. H and I are the opposite. We’re vulnerable little creatures, and at the mercies of what mother nature decides to deliver. We’re completely uncomfortable until the power is magically returned to us. We finally got a Coleman stove and a coffee pot after losing power for several days. I think we have a battery operated lantern around here somewhere. Other than that…

    Loved catching up on all the posts I missed.

    Take care and hunker down. Best of luck.

    • Always happy to see you around, my dear!
      I’m not nearly as resourceful as your family. I guess I’m always hopeful that the worst won’t happen. But I do have my lanterns at the ready, and some logs for the fireplace just in case.

  3. There’s a chance of snow here Thursday and Friday – if it does snow, all of Houston will be out rolling around in it, having a whee of a time. Oh, well – and smacking into each other on the roads, since no one knows how to drive in it, except the “expats” who are here from Michigan, the Midwest and Maine.
    (Now that I think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone from Maine in Texas. There could be reasons for that, most of them entertaining.)

    We’re in the midst of a true blue norther right now – 70 last night meant I slept with the windows open. Now, it’s blowing like stink and getting ready to clear off. At that point, temperatures will plummet. All the plants are in now, and the patio is covered with bird seed. In weather like this, I don’t even shoo away the pigeons. 😉

    • The wind seems to be the common factor in this storm. It’s blowing like crazy everywhere.
      My son just moved to Dallas from Florida, and they’ve had snow twice already since he got there. I think he jinxed the place!

  4. We’re in Ohio and today is not a snow day, but an ice day. An inch of ice and all the schools and many businesses, including Wright Patterson Air Force Base, is CLOSED. I wish wish wish it was snow instead, because with snow, once the plow has been through, we can safely go from point A to point B. We can’t even get out of the driveway today.

    And here I was thinking all of those people at the store yesterday were crazy, but I am so thankful that I got the basics.

    I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary for ME today since I typically work from the house. But JB is working from here today and is, in some ways, good company but in others is messing with my regular work flow. 😉

    • We’re supposed to get ice too, which is more difficult in some ways than snow. The biggest problem with deep snow is my two little dogs who have very short legs. I’ve been trying to get them to use “puppy pads” in the house, but they’re very reluctant. They don’t seem to mind the snow that much!

      I know what you mean about men disturbing the work flow …my husband works at home a lot, and it’s rather disrupting. But it’s nice to have the option when the weather is so bad.

  5. They are closing the college at 3 p.m. today and will be closed tomorrow.
    I’m totally thrilled. We have plenty of food and no where to go so my books are calling out to me. Yipee!!

  6. I live in Texas, so we don’t typically get Serious Winter, but an ice storm hit in the wee hours of this morning, and while my husband and I are both from places where there was Serious Winter, and know how to drive on snow and ice, most people here Do Not.

    Last year, when the Dallas area got 18 inches (hey, for here that’s a LOT) we were the only people in our neighborhood who owned a snow shovel and knew how to use it.

    This year? I’m just glad we bought groceries last night, and both work from home. Cocoa, firelight, laptops – these are the essentials for avoiding the ice.

  7. My son (who just moved to Dallas) was planning on working from home today too, thankful as ever for that option. It wasn’t often necessary in south Florida, where he lived for the past 10 years.

    It’s funny how perceptions of snow are all relative. I was with a young friend today who’s from New Hampshire, and she couldn’t believe the fuss we were making about “only a foot of snow.” She said they were expecting 22 inches in her hometown tonight. “That’s starting to be serious snow,” she said matter of factly.

  8. What a relief — no power loss. I don’t handle cold gracefully! I am just so grateful we didn’t get more than we did — all that was predicted. Worked for me!

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