A Little Postaday Mind Trickery

Since it’s been four days since I’ve posted here, I suppose I’m no longer a WordPress Postaday member in good standing.

That’s okay.  I’m not beating myself up over it.  I knew I’d never be able to keep up with that kind of blogging schedule.  I had a pretty good run at it for a couple of weeks, but in the last few days somehow lost momentum.

The whole daily posting resolution reminded me a little bit of Mr. Federighe (fed-é-reek-e), my fourth grade violin teacher.  Each time he taught us a new piece, we were supposed to go home and practice it 10 times every day.

Can you imagine?  Suwanee River scratched out on the violin 10 times every day?

I don’t think any of us ever did that (except for Margaret M., who ended up as principal violist in the Boston Symphony).   I remember making it to six times through on one very rainy Saturday afternoon, before giving up and going back to reading Harriet the Spy.

Many years later, I ran in to Mr. F. once again – I was actually his accompanist for a while, and we shared a tiny office in the junior high school where he was teaching at the time.  He was still telling the junior high students to practice every piece 10 times a day.  “You don’t really think they’re going to do that, do you?” I asked him.

“Oh of course not,” he answered.  “But maybe they’ll at least practice it once or twice before they throw in the towel!”

Pretty crafty thinking.

That’s kind of what happened to me with the Postaday program.  It tricks me into writing more often than I might otherwise do – and that’s just fine.

How about you? Do you have any little mind tricks you play on yourself?


10 thoughts on “A Little Postaday Mind Trickery

  1. I almost threw in the towel this week. Telling my readers I was going to post 5 days a week wasn’t enough… it’s that a few people now expect the post to be in their inbox at 7am. 🙂 So I was a little (a lot) annoyed when Feedburner didn’t deliver my post today. I’m enjoying the new blogging schedule but I don’t know how long I’ll sustain it. I’ve been known to change my plans! I do love reading your posts, whenever you feel so inspired.

  2. It doesn’t work when I trick myself as I know that I trick myself. i’ve tried setting my alarm earlier, telling myself my meeting starts earlier than it does, …in order to leave in time, but I know I do have the extra time so it never works.

    I don’t put any pressure or rule on myself with regards to blogging frequency. I do what I do when it feels like it and that’s exactly how it should be if not it would no longer be fun.

    • Sounds like you’re too smart for your own good! You’re absolutely right – blogging should not involve pressure! There’s enough of that everywhere else.

  3. Ah, when you are a blogspot blogger you don’t have post-a-day (or at least, I never heard about it as a challenge.) Good thing. I know if everyone is like me they aren’t going to be able to pop by every day! I aim for 2-4 days apart, depending on what my life looks like, and every day I thank the “pre-post” button! I can always override it for “late breaking news” but unfortunately, my life isn’t that exciting!

    • The WordPress challenge was a new year’s thing, and they send prompts every day too (none of which I’ve used so far!)
      I’d like to write more often, and I have plenty of ideas, but I get distracted by other things on the internet which suck up all my time. Bad girl…

  4. So that’s what’s been going on.

    I’d noticed the more frequent postings, and become increasingly frustrated because I couldn’t keep up. I’d read a post, think about it for a day, and come back to find it gone. Sometimes, I wouldn’t leave a comment because it just seemed too overwhelming to me.

    I’m not fan of daily posts, anyhow. So often they begin to turn into videos or quizzes or whatever just to get something on the page. I would like to be posting every six days – right now I’m at seven – but more than that just isn’t possible with my schedule. Once every five days would be perfect – but it’s more important to me to post something worth peoples’ time to read than to post for the sake of posting.

    Besides, the problem with challenges is that someone else is setting the agenda. Even with the post-a-day, I might choose what to post but the basic agenda – the every day business – is the controlling factor.

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