Small Comforts

I’m looking for comforters these days, the small things that make the long, burdensome days of winter more bearable. It hasn’t been an easy winter for me, as you can probably tell from the rather cynical tenor of my posts lately.

Luckily, I’m fairly easily comforted.  And one of the things I count on most for comfort is my morning routine.  My husband gets up first, and starts the coffee brewing.  When I get out of bed, he usually has a steaming hot cup already prepared for me.  We settle into our favorite chairs in the living room and read for about an hour – or long enough to finish the pot of coffee.  Sometimes we’ll be joined by one dog (Magic), who likes to jump up next to me in the chair and cuddle.  The other dog (Molly) remains in bed until the last possible moment – which usually means until it’s time to leave for a walk.

One of the things I like best about this morning time is watching the sunrise.  When I first get up these winter morns, it’s dark and we don’t bother opening the blinds.  Usually by the time I’ve poured our second cups of coffee, I can begin to see the first traces of light.  If the sun is coming up, which is a rare treat this month, I’ll pull open the blinds and watch the room become bathed in its rosy glow.

We’ve fallen into this pattern over the past few years, and its a lovely, peaceful way to start the day.  I enjoy this slower pace, in contrast to all the years when we had to get up and out early for school or work.  It’s nice to have a quieter schedule now and a later start to the business of the day.

It’s a small comfort, but one that’s become necessary to me.

How about you? What small comforts make your days a little easier?




11 thoughts on “Small Comforts

  1. Heavenly… simple pleasures like a cup of coffee and reading for an hour. Thanks for sharing a lovely vignette of your daily routine, Becca. As for me, it’s reading and blogging in quiet solitude in the dark of night. 😉

  2. That sounds like my morning routine too…only my husband delivers my cappuccino and leaves me to write my morning pages in journal. He reads the news online, but it too, is a nice quiet start. A lovely contrast to my previous life where I would hum, “Hit the ground running…” as I jumped out of bed. This is much more civilized. Thanks for sharing.

  3. And a very good morning to you! Your routine sounds perfectly lovely.

    Our work-day routine goes like this:

    The alarm goes off and we spend a little time snuggling, using the snooze on the clock radio to keep from slipping back into slumber. JB gets up and heads for the shower and I head to the kitchen to start the pot brewing. I set up the coffee pot the night before so all I have to do is hit start. While the coffee brews, I do basic morning things, like brush my teeth and then fix our first cups of coffee. I typically am giving JB his cup as he is stepping out of the shower. I slip back into the kitchen and pull JB’s lunch together, usually leftovers from dinner. While he finishes getting dressed, I glance through the email on my phone as well as checking the weather for the day. Then JB comes out dressed for work, we spend a few more minutes together sharing highlights of our schedules, and then he heads out for his commute. 70% of the time, I am able to work from home, and after a little bit of blog reading, I’m ready to start my work day (first client call is usually around 8:30 AM or so).

    I’m always so thankful for our mornings, now that you’ve reminded me to really think it through. I accomplish quite a bit of a foundation for both of our days in a short amount of time, yet it rarely seems rushed.

  4. Every morning I rise at 5:30 – even when I don’t have to. (It’s just a habit and I can’t seem to break it.) I shower, put on my makeup, do my hair and put on my robe and head for the kitchen. I make breakfast and after Dick and I eat, we do 10 trivia questions to get our brains started for the day. This routine started years ago when I took some trivia cards from the Trivial Pursuit game and we tried to answer them. We do rather well on history (of, course we are old) science and nature but anything beyond about 1980 that has to do with music or most TV shows we bomb.
    We have gone through the trivia deck twice and I have bought numerous books on trivia which we have gone through – some twice. After breakfast I usually have about half an hour before I need to leave for work, so I go into the office and read and answer e-mails. My office windows face east so I too see the early morning sunrise. Sometimes it’s so beautiful you can hardly find the words to describe it.
    After I get home in the evening, I want nothing more than to get something to eat (usually Marie Callenders unless I have left overs from the weekend) and I read the paper and do the crossword puzzle while Dick and I watch the news and other favorite TV shows. This routine is very comforting to me.
    For some reason doing the crossword takes a lot of tension away from me. If I get stuck, I’ll try for a little while and then I give up because it just makes me stress out and I don’t need any more of that for the day.
    Small comforts to be sure, but so important for my mental health and well being.

  5. This sounds to me like a Big comfort and it is lovely. Imagine what the world would be like if more people began the day in this way!

    My morning comfort is a slow breakfast and then walking the dogs. I live in a much different climate than you do, so our walks are usually very lovely and it seems that it is when my eyes really open up for the day.

  6. What a lovely “tradition” for your day. I get up as late as I can and rush to get to work. Morning isn’t my strong suit!

    My small comforts — time to cuddle with Gypsy every day — usually in the morning (that late morning) as I get up, and in the evening. The purr of an orange furball is very comforting.

  7. that’s a lovely routine, yet I still prefer to sleep until it’s light outside first…and then still have a quiet morning with some coffee, reading and quiet times

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