Day One

This isn’t your typical New Year’s Day post.

I’m not going to talk about all the resolutions I’m making.

I’m not going to wax poetic about the future and all the wonderful opportunities waiting to arise in the New Year.

I am going to tell you one of my favorite things about the New Year.

My new calendar.

If there’s anything I love more than notebooks, it’s calendars. Paper calendars, mind you, none of this digital scheduling business.  Sure, I could enter all my activities in my phone or on my computer (like my husband and most of my friends do).

But for years and years, I’ve carried a little weekly pocket calendar in my purse, with a pen or pencil attached, and that works just fine and dandy for me.  Of course, my life isn’t all that complicated.  I don’t have many any business meetings to attend, my social life consists of getting together with a friend for lunch or dinner now and again,  and I go to doctor appointments once or twice a year on average (knock wood).  Since the wonderful intervention of post-it-notes, I jot down my to-do lists, or phone numbers and stick it inside on the page.

A few years ago my husband and I were at a meeting with our financial planner.  The three of us were trying to schedule a follow up meeting.  I whipped out my pocket calendar and sat poised and ready while they fumbled through their electronic scheduling devices searching for an appropriate time.

“What about June 9?” I asked.

Wait. Wait.

“No, can’t, have a meeting,” Jim answered.  “What about the 14th?”

“That fine for me,” I replied, glancing at the little square marked “14” on the page.

Wait. Wait.

“Oh, looks like I’m on vacation,” our FP said.

After about five minutes of fumbling around, they finally found a mutually agreeable date.  Within seconds, I jotted it down on my calendar and put it back into my purse.

Wait. Wait.


Aside from the increased amount of time it takes to manuever through the days on electronic calendars, I like to see the entire spectrum of a week or month right before me.  It bothers me to see my life split up into sections of time small enough to fit into the screen.  I guess I’m a big picture person ~ I like having it all laid out there in front of my eyes.

That’s why I keep going back to my paper calendars.  For the past three years, my calendars have come to me from marketing samples sent to our company.  There’s always lots of choose from, and they’re nicely embossed with the company name.  Plus ~even better~ they’re free!  <smile>.  Although I admit that I do covet fancy day planners, like these from Levengers.

But I guess I’ll stick with my little free pocket version.  It serves my rather uncomplicated life quite nicely.

Why mess with success.

How about you?  How do you keep track of your days?

16 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Because so much of my life has to be sandwiched into my work schedule, I use a Palm Pilot that can be synced with my work calendar. We also have a family calendar that Dick puts his Dr Apts on and I put other personal dates on. Right now this seems to work best for me. Once I retire the Palm Pilot (which is really antiquated compared with what is available now) will have to stay with the college. I’m not sure how I will handle noting appointments and events then. But, my life will be much simpler, so maybe a pocket(purse) calendar will do just fine. I hope so, I’m ready for numerous days with nothing on them except maybe “read today.”

    • Jim used a Palm Pilot for years, and the last one he had got lost in a very un-engineer like fashion. After parking the car in the garage, he set the Palm Pilot on the roof of my car while he went to the mailbox. He forgot to pick it back up, and I drove off later with it still on there. Needless to say, it was lost and gone forever! He was pretty lost himself!

      Now he keeps his calendar on his cell phone, which he also “syncs” with his computer.

      I love the idea of days with no appointment other than “read today” 🙂

  2. Happy 1st day of 2011, Becca! We’ve always used the town calendar that comes tucked into the 1st newspaper of December. I love it because it’s got a lot of local advertising, coupons, various township club meeting schedules, holidays, and moon cycles. It’s chock full o’ good stuff.
    (I actually just took a break to hang it… thank you for the reminder!! It’s 8:20 am my time, Jan 1).
    I hope you enjoy your weekend. May it be a lazy one filled with good friends, good food, some coffee, and books!! xo

  3. It’s been suggested to me several times that I switch my work appointment book to some kind of electronic device. My response is that I can make a pencil and paper appointment in 30 seconds and be back to the work at hand. Why would I want to turn that into a several minutes long process? I’m with you, I like to see my schedule in context; it helps me know where I am in the stream of time.
    Happy New Year to you! May it be full of wonderful, happy events. (And lots of quiet time.)

  4. I often read on blogs how people describe their love for paper notebooks, calendars etc. It’s something I personally don’t have affection with at all. I use my electronic calendar at work to book meetings (and the meeting room reservations) and my husband and I share a google calendar which synchronates automatically on our phones (and enables you month/week or day views by the way ;). But in fact usually I remember all my appointments by heart. We receive a paper calendar at work but after using it each year during about …4 days before forgetting about it, I now refuse it. I always forget to take that thing and to keep it up to date. I’ve lived my entire study period without an agenda as well. Somehow I mostly don’t care.

  5. I keep my appointments on the calendar on my computer. I’m so feather brained that I need the reminder. A reminder pops up a couple of days prior to the appointment and the morning of the appointment, however, I just told my husband that I need to get a small calendar to keep in my purse. I’ve returned home from my doctor’s office on several occasions to learn that I allowed the receptionist to make an appointment for me that conflicted with something already on my calendar.

    Happy New Year, Becca!
    Bella Rum
    P.S. I’ve heard that Barbara Walters writes her appointments down the old fashioned way – just like you!

  6. I’m so with you on the paper calendar! I bought a little Filofax for my purse, and it cost so little compared to what they used to be in the 80’s. But, like you, it’s so much nicer to open to the month, look at the little square and see at a glance what one’s obligations are. I’m not convinced that all of technology is all that much of an improvement. In some ways, yes, but not all. (Plus, it’s fun to keep our little paper calendars and compare the years one to another. Like a mini-diary, I guess.) Happy New Year, to you, and your blog looks absolutely lovely. The header is great!

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who keeps the calendars from one year to the next 🙂 It’s silly, but I like looking back over the past year’s and seeing what I was up to!

      Happy New Year to you, too! I love this header too (my son designs them for me 😉

  7. I don’t have a calendar of any sort, save a little one I keep on my desk that shows a month at a time. I use it mostly to see what day of the week the 4th of July falls, and so on.

    I have no work related meetings or appointments for the most part. And no dr. appts, etc. for myself. When I need to make an appt and remember it I jot it down on a post-it note and stick it on the side of the refrigerator. When the appt’s over, I take it down.

    That’s positively Pleistocene!

  8. I couldn’t agree more! I have several calendars (unfortunately none in my purse!) — the daily on my computer table at home, the pretty one on the wall at home and another pretty one on the wall at work. Those get the biggies. Then there is the pretty office work calendar — this is always a birthday gift from a friend at work, and truth be told, I’d rather buy my own, but this year’s Monet inspired theme has lovely photos. That is the “Bible.” It goes to the doc, to other appointments, and its the one that holds my life. We have an electronic scheduling thing at work, and I have to use it, so I double post, but I don’t care — my paper bit is the love of my time monitoring life!

  9. I neglected to write about all the other calendars in my house…the paper one I create each year with pictures of the dogs for every month, my writing calendar, a datebook I can jot writing ideas, books to be read, and the wall calendar created by the Kalamazoo Artists Collective, a wonderful limited edition calendar or original artwork by local artists. This is an annual gift from a friend, whose son-in-law is one of the artists featured. This year I have a desk calendar at work created by one of my blogging friends (Bella, of She Told Stories, listed on my sidebar).

    Could it be I’m date-obsessed???

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