Time On My Hands

It feels strange to have time on your hands when the majority of the world is running around in a state of mad confusion, trying to complete all the items on their holiday to-do lists as they fight the crowds, battle the elements, and deal with whatever nasty virus has invaded their body.  At the risk of being mauled by the crowds of revelers who find themselves in this sad and sorry state, I might even go so far as to say I’ve been a bit bored this holiday season.

In Christmas past, I’ve been accustomed to performing all over town with one musical group or another at this time of year, running from one rehearsal to the next, traveling hither and yon with bells or choirs.

But that was then, and I don’t do that anymore.

So there was none of that busyness this month. I was scheduled to accompany one school concert, which was cancelled when the director was injured in a car crash two weeks ago.  Now it seems we won’t be at church on Christmas Eve, so I haven’t even gone to church choir rehearsal for the past couple of weeks, as rehearsals are pretty focused on the events of that night’s service.

What have I been doing then, with all that wonderful, sweet, free and unencumbered time?

I’d love to tell you that I’ve baked dozens of delicious and decorative Christmas cookies.

Or that I’ve festooned the halls of my house with garlands and lights, and smothered a ten foot evergreen with ornaments and lace.

I really wish I could report having spearheaded a campaign to raise money for Toys for Tots, or Meals on Wheels, or some other wonderfully worthy charity.

Alas, I have not done those things.

Mostly, I’ve just wandered around in wonderment that I have so little to do.

I’ve been to some parties, I’ve done a little shopping.

I’ve done a comparison test with Peppermint Mocha’s (so far Bigby Coffee’s is the winner).

There’s been lots of reading in the morning, and even a nap or two in the afternoon (sinful, isn’t it?)

In comparison with so many of my past December’s which absolutely roared with activity and pressure, this one has been utterly tame and placid.  I’m considering it a gift, one I’ve unwrapped a bit more each day, peeking beneath the shiny paper to catch a glimpse of what I might want to do next.

The gift of time is a precious one indeed – in any month – but especially in December.

How about you?  What are you doing with your bright and shiny days this month?


10 thoughts on “Time On My Hands

  1. I love that you comparison tested the coffees. I’ve never done that ~ and when I read that you did… well, it’s just something I’ll have to do now! Happy Day, Becca. xo

  2. Today will be my last work day until the college resumes on January 3rd.
    Oh, I have longed for this time for weeks. I’m simply worn out and can’t wait to sit and do nothing. I have a stack of magazines to get through and a couple of books I’ve started and would like to finish. Piles of genealogy research are calling out to me and I will probably delve into that passion too. But mostly I want to sleep until I wake up, watch corny old movies with my husband and do nothing – blessed nothing. Ahhhhh!

  3. Oh, well. Oh, my. The kids and grandkids will be here on Christmas Eve. Life will be a whirlwind for a week, but in a delicious way. I’m preparing by shopping and cooking and gift wrapping and such. I’ve done a little baking – not too much. I’ll begin cooking in earnest soon. I’d like to get a lot done before they arrive. I want to sit on the floor and play with them and not be too encumbered with cooking.

    We visited Dad today and met with friends this evening. I will breathe in January and reflect on all of it then.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday, Becca.

  4. The weather’s been so glorious I’ve been working, and I’ll be working right up to the middle of Christmas eve afternoon. Can’t waste the warm weather! But our celebration is going to be very, very simple, with very little cooking and no big plans, so preparation isn’t much of an issue.

    I’ve taken time for the special things that have come along,though -like last night’s eclipse. I got up at 1:30 in the morning and watched until nearly 3 a.m. – the eclipse itself, the brilliant constellations, the “shooting stars”. I mean, after all – it’s going to be another 300 years or so before it comes around again!

  5. It’s wonderful to have free time on your hands in the midst of holiday frenzy. I usually go out to nature to have my time of respite. Just like to stop by and send my Christmas greetings. Have a blessed Christmas and enjoy your precious quiet time!

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