Cafe Writing: Do You Believe in Magic?

Magic ~ an appropriate theme for the holidays at Cafe Writing. One of the prompts asks this:  Give me seven examples of every-day magic.


How can I even begin to make a list about Magic without a picture of this guy, front and center.   Eight years ago when we brought this little fellow home (weighing all of 3 pounds) we knew he was going to bring a ton of magic into our lonely empty nest ~ hence, his name 🙂   He continues to be a ball of fire, waking us up every morning rarin’ to go, rain or shine.  He’s smart as a whip, full of energy and vitality, but a real cuddle puppy too.  Magical, all the way.

Mornings are magical to me, even though as I age, I find it a bit harder to crawl out of my warm bed.  Accompanied by coffee and my book, I curl up in my big chair by the front window and watch the sun come up.

Speaking of coffee and books – definitely items three and four on my list of everyday magic.  Humble pleasures, but always guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

Music plays a very important part in my life, and it doesn’t have to be big or fancy to create magic.  Actually, just an hour at my own piano playing through some of my favorite songs works as well as a massage to erase the tensions of the day.  Magic indeed.

Okay, I’ll ‘fess up – I’m a speed demon, and nothing puts a smile on my face like putting the windows and the gas pedal all the way down.  Don’t do it often, but I love the rush.

Anytime I can be near the sea I’m in wonderland.  There’s something so magical about the sound and smell and salty aftertaste of the ocean.  Just thinking about is makes me melt all over.   It’s not an everyday pleasure (more’s the pity), but a simple and very magical one I wish I could indulge every day.

So there’s my magical seven…how about you?  What are some of your magical everyday pleasures?





6 thoughts on “Cafe Writing: Do You Believe in Magic?

  1. What a wonderful list? I may do my own, but I’d have to copy a couple of yours. The ocean is magical indeed. It heals, uplifts and it inspires. A sunset or sunrise is pretty nice, too.

    Driving too fast is on my list, too. If I can do it on a road that runs along the beach… all the better.

  2. Sunrises – as I sit at my computer in the morning the windows face east and I watch the world come alive each day
    Books – libraries and book stores are like hallowed places to me – oh, if I could only have numerous lifetimes to read all the books I want to read
    Gardens – mine is a mess right now, but any beautiful plant makes my heart soar
    Genealogy – I love digging into my roots – by knowing about those who came before me, it explains a lot about who I am
    Good food – love to eat it, cook it and go to a restaurant where it is served with flair
    Family – such as they are – they are mine and I love them (and I know they love me such as I am)
    God – he makes all the other things possible

  3. First, what a lovely look your blog has! Secondly, I so agree with the many pieces of magic you wrote: dogs, coffee and books, being near the sea, I’m there. Early mornings or fast driving? Not so much. I have all I can do not to scream when my twenty year old son drives me somewhere. 😉

  4. Oh, dear. I’ve tried and tried since you posted this to find a list, but I just can’t do it. The problem is the very concept of “magic”. I have really negative feelings about it – a magician is a trickster, and magic is ephemeral, untrustworthy, inherently dishonest.

    How’s that for a little Scrooge-ish-ness? Now, talk to me about mystery, or marvels or the miraculous, and I’m right there, ready to get into the discussion. But I’ll be darned – I didn’t know how negative my feelings about magic were until you raised the question.

    Where does it come from? I haven’t a clue. Maybe my mom lost ten bucks to a three-card monte guy while she was pregnant with me! 😉

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