The Longest Day of the Year

It’s definitely a gift to have a 25 hour day, even though technically we’re just getting paid back the hour we lost last April when Daylight Savings Time went into effect.  Still, I always feel as if I’ve been granted that most supreme of all gifts – more TIME.

When my son was little, he looked forward to this day with the delight reserved only for Christmas and birthdays.  A child always filled with plans and ideas, there were never enough hours in his weekends to complete all the things he wanted to do.   He would awake at the crack of dawn on this momentous day, determined to eke every minute possible out of the day with one extra hour in it.

I still love this “fall back” day, even though it gets dark before I’ve finished putting dinner on the table.  I love looking at my watch and feeling pleasantly surprised by how early it is, something that happens with rarer and rarer frequency the older I get.  I love the sense of the day being elongated before me, like taffy pulled until it’s thin and stringy.  I love the freedom of an extra hour to spend, like the twenty dollar bill you find crumpled in the pocket of your winter coat.

So what did I do with my extra hour today?  Was it the time I spent walking the dogs on a sunlit, windblown November afternoon?  Or the hour I fiddled around with my husband’s new guitar, downloading lessons on Garage Band?  Maybe it was the hour I spent at my friend’s church early this morning, playing in a “pickup” handbell ensemble.

Or maybe it’s still to come, as I prepare to pour a glass of wine, light a candle, and settle into the corner of the sofa with my book.

Whatever it is (or was) I’ve been savoring all the hours of this day.  I hope you have too.

How about you?  What did you do with your extra hour today?


6 thoughts on “The Longest Day of the Year

  1. I still have mine! I always save it until I really need it – a possibility for me, since I begin work and stop work with the sun, have no particular schedule except the one I devise for myself, and don’t watch tv (no need to adjust things to catch my favorite show).

    I suspect I may use it later tonight, as I’ve had a truly (and happily) frantic weekend, and an extra hour to read and write will be just the ticket!

  2. Well, in the Southern Hemisphere, we just recently had our ‘shortest’ day of the year. We had our extra hour on Easter weekend last autumn; I was coordinating a camp over the weekend, so the 80 or so young adults on the camp and I all were able to get a good night’s sleep before we woke up about a half hour before sunrise for this year’s dawn service. We then had some quiet devotion/reflection time, a celebratory breakfast and then worship with a local congregation nearby – all accomplished before noon!

    Funny that you mention the pleasure of looking at your watch and realizing how early it is – I’ve been staying much later at work these past few weeks, not realizing it was already 6:30 since the sun was still very much up. As much as I do enjoy that ’25 hour day’ that comes around once a year, I look forward even more to waking up with the sun and enjoying those long summer evenings.

    That being said, I will be longing for short winter days and snow in a few more weeks – Christmas still just doesn’t seem quite right in the middle of summer vacation.

  3. In Europe we switched a weekend before and I had been working lots of overtime and I simply used it as an extra hour to sleep. I always use it like that, it’s simply the night that is a bit longer.

  4. We took a drive in the country and bought peanuts. It was such a beautiful day here. Even though the foliage isn’t as bright this year (because of the summer drought), it’s still very pretty. So I spent my extra hour looking at the fall foliage.

  5. Alas, it was today that felt like the longest day of the year, and not for good reasons. Sigh…But, I took my extra hour yesterday & went for a walk. The air felt good and there were things to see. Which, here, I have not been able to do in quite some time.

  6. Fall Back. It’s one of my favorite days, too. There’s something fun about being in the middle of the day, checking a clock and thinking “oh, no! It’s getting so late!” and then realize you didn’t change that car clock yet! And you feel as though you’ve received a little gift! I’m sure I got a little more art done, felt rushed on the errands. But mostly, I reveled in the fact that I awoke fully refreshed really early (not that early, really — but an hour or so!) and my day started more gracefully! Loved that!

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