A Simply Good Day

Today was a good day.

Nothing unusual or exciting to make it so.

It was actually very simple.

I spent the morning at school, rehearsing with middle schooler’s for their fall concert.

I spent the afternoon at home, doing laundry and tidying up the house.

The sun was shining, the ground was a colorful carpet of leaves.

I walked the dogs just before dinner, a difference in their routine that thrilled them no end, as evidenced by the spring in their step and the high plumage of their fluffy tails.

Now, I’m drinking a glass of wine and waiting for my husband to come home from work.

Once upon a time, when my son was young, and my days were much less full, every day was like this one.

Simple, but good.

I hope yours was, too.



3 thoughts on “A Simply Good Day

  1. It was a good day here too. Lots of projects completed and beautiful weather. Now it’s time to kick back, watch the baseball game, have a glass of wine. (We’re winning – life is good.)

  2. It was. I got my high speed internet at home today! After a week of bronchitis, being away from the computer or when I was, working to catch up, it was a very good day!

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