One Step Forward….

…two steps back is the way that old saying goes.

Perhaps not two full steps in this case, but once again life conspires to put you in your place if you get a little to cocky.

My husband (or the Expert Engineer as he is affectionately known around the home office) has had an excellent billing month.  Without oversharing, let’s just say if he worked like this every month, we’d soon be living on the proverbial easy street.

Of course,  we know only too well about the fickle nature of the manufacturing business.  Why, it was only two months ago that he sat around twiddling his thumbs for three of the four weeks.  But we’re flush around here right now, and I’d actually started thinking about buying some things…like new bedroom furniture and carpet, and a new floor for the bathroom.

But then, here came a stack of medical bills from the University of Michigan Hospital.  And a call from our tenant in the Money Pit (aka the rental home in Naples) about a leaky faucet and broken garbage dispoasl.  And here at home last night  a bath tub full of rust colored hot water, signaling the demise of our 20 year old water heater.   Plus the property taxes due in two weeks, and the homeowners association fees due in three.

Money, money, money.

So for the umpteenth time, I put my ideas about new things on hold and figure I’ll just soldier on with the old a little while longer.

At least until we can take another more giant step forward in the financial department.


11 thoughts on “One Step Forward….

  1. Through the years I have come to realize that if I have earned any extra money in a short period of time, that I’m gonna need it. It’s just God’s way of making sure I’m taken care of. So- on the plus side- you have the extra cash to take care of all those problems!

  2. This has happened so many times to us. I agree with all of you. Thank goodness we have what we need when we need it.

    Becca, how did you get that share button. I didn’t realize wordpress accommodated that. I’m clueless.

  3. I think it’s interesting how money provides so much, but at the same time, teaches me how I can’t depend on it. But nevertheless, I’m crossing my fingers you get your new bedroom furniture and carpet, too. That you can pay your bills AND have some fun. 🙂

  4. Money….weight…I’ve been taking two steps forward and three backward all summer in the later! It’s a hard job getting where you want, but all the more gratifying when you arrive, right? Best to you in the journey.

  5. Think of it this way. The water heater would go, flush or not. The renter would nag, flush or not. The bills would arrive, flush or not. At least you’re better off than you might be. That said, isn’t it frustrating to have to put money into things you don’t “see” instead of ones you do — like furniture or rugs or whatever?

  6. On the other hand, I’m having to put my money into “seeing”! I’ve just had two weeks of doctors and tests (including one mis-diagnosis – scary!) and now know that I have both cataracts developing and glaucoma.

    Well. Remember when I made the decision to give up my health insurance? The irony is that the policy I had didn’t cover anything associated with eyes. So, by eliminating that huge premium, I’ve had enough to cover my bills at the eye doctor.

    Who says things don’t work out?

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