Turning the Tide

Meteorological statisticians tell us we’re enduring the hottest, most humid summer in the past 94 years.  They don’t need to work very hard to convince me.  I’ve been chafing, both literally and figuratively, at being kept inside the house with air conditioning running nonstop and all the windows bolted shut.

So today was literally a breath of fresh air – overnight temperatures were down to 59 degrees, and the overcast skies lent a definite nip to the air.  My bike ride was almost chilly this morning, especially when I turned toward the north and the wind hit my face.

In spite of the long, hot summer, I really don’t feel ready for fall.  There’s a poignant sadness to the season which I don’t feel prepared to embrace at the moment, even though I love sweaters, and fires, and curling up with hot coffee, blankets, and books.

I’d like to keep the tides of summer flowing a bit longer…just cool them down a little, please.


8 thoughts on “Turning the Tide

  1. Now I know where our summer weather went. While the rest of the country is boiling we’ve been 10-25 degrees cooler than normal. We’ve even had light rain almost every morning.

    Here’s hoping we all get some normal weather before the seasons change.

  2. we’ve had a hot humid summer too: June and first half of July very hot…..August very wet (and cold). I’m not ready for fall since we’ve had fall storms already enough over the last weeks. I want to warm up again

  3. I’m with you. Give me long hot summer a little longer — or at least hot days, cool night like yesterday. Pretty perfect. My poor yard is brown and the plants in the backyard struggling with no handy hose, but nonetheless, I’ll take this any day!

  4. Becca, I am with you 100 percent! I love summer. I love the idea of Fall and once it’s here, I’m ok.
    But summer is such freedom, such outside-ness, a bit unscheduled, a bunch spontaneous, so whimsical with its breathy breezes and puffery clouds and long long days that let you do a whole lot of nothing or, even better, a whole lot of something. Nope, not ready for autumn. Not yet.
    In fact, I’m gonna go put my bathing suit on. Well, as soon as I get home, I am!

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