The Ides of August

True to the dire connotations of this phrase (thanks to Will Shakespeare), I always start feeling restless and edgy about the middle of August.  This year is certainly no different, and probably worse than most because I’m so completely fed up with the heat and humidity that has plagued us here in the midwest all summer.  As my husband keeps telling me, we might as well be in Florida.   Yes we might, except for the one hundred and one reasons we have to be here. 

But that’s another story.

My irritation with August usually stems from being bored.  If you know me, you’ll know that’s a word I rarely use.  I always have so many projects simmering on the burners of my little brain, and usually never enough time to pick and choose which one to work on.  But in August, my impetus to begin any of those projects simply disappears.  I wander around the house (in which I’ve become a virtual prisoner thanks to the aforementioned heat and humidity) exasperated with myself, which quickly turns into exasperation with everyone else around me.

So August is an edgy month for me.   I’m prickly in the heat, like the dried edges of the lawn that look ready to burst into flame given the barest spark. I haven’t seen any of my friends in too long, work is slow and rather dull, I’m tired of coddling the flowers in the garden.  I’m irritated with the world in general, particularly with the news media who have jumped on the bandwagon of “stalled economic recovery,” doing their best to sway public opinion practically insuring it will happen, and taking away some of the hopeful optimism that was starting to spread through the country.

I’m ready for the cool winds of  change to blow through.

How about you?   Are you more restless at certain times of year than others?


8 thoughts on “The Ides of August

  1. I’m not bored but I am a little restless. I’ve had it with the heat and humidity. Yesterday, our heat index got up to a nice, toasty 119F, and we’re still under a heat advisory. Since I’m both management and labor, there are some interesting conversations that start going on in my head about 1 in the afternoon – most of which focus on whether it’s not time to go home, read a book and eat a popsicle!

    I do think the entire Gulf Coast is edgier this year, partly because of the oil spill and partly because of all the hype about this being one of the worst hurricane seasons ever. And of course we’re starting to hear now about things like the winter weather advisories for high altitudes in Montana – while the rest of the country begins to edge into fall, we’re stuck with hot’n’humid for another two months and we’re tired of it.

    Yep – I’d have to say this is my restless season. Cool winds of any sort sound pretty good!

  2. I always feel that a shift occurs in mid-August. Suddenly, summer is gone, and hints of fall creep their way into the landscape (I saw a few bright red leaves on a tree this morning) and into the air. The times they are a-changin’! Wishing you a break from humidity & high temps!

  3. I second ds. I always feel the shift in mid-August. Fall has not arrived but you can sense that it’s out there and it’s coming this way. Nothing can stop it. It’s still hot but the edge is gone. In a few weeks the humidity will disappear and we’ll all give a deep sigh. I do love autumn.

  4. August is edgy for me, too, but not because I’m bored. I have so many darned things on my plate that I can’t do them fast enough — and summer is running down and that makes me sad.

    Oh, summer –can’t you stay awhile?

  5. Dear B, You’re so right! the Midwest is on the edge of bursting into a summer mess…and this from a true summer lover! Thank goodness for water sprinklers, puddles, pools and soft rain when it comes.
    And yet time has flown. I need to somehow grab some time to sit outdoors and read and watch the birds and do nothing! Restless and edge-y? oh yes, at work. I look at the clock. I can’t wait to head home, to change, to stomp around freely and cook and whatever. And you’re right, the heat drives us indoors or, into water!
    But winter? ah, my friend, there’s the stuff of restlessness for me. After books and blankets and early dark for about a month, I’ve had it and want to get out and about in the light.
    Though I’ve almost always lived with the four seasons, it’s winter that gets me edgiest, I think. No wait, it’s simply a matter of always being indoors!

  6. Wow, and I thought I was the only one who felt ‘chafed and irritable’ in August. I always say August and February are the two worst months in Illinois; they drive me crazy! I’m greatly anticipating the cool breezes of Fall, sweater weather as my dear friend says. I hope we recover from our irritation/boredom soon!

  7. I am just – overwhelmed…. seems like the summer went so fast and I have still have crazy weekends for the next 4 or 5 weeks. The change of seasons for me means life slows down…. come the end of October I will be morphing into the bookish version of me. 😀

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