Feathering the Nest

My thoughts have been turning to decorating lately.  It’s been close to 15 years since any major changes to the decor have been done around here.    Though I love the idea of having a new look to the old place, I’m a major procrastinator when it comes to actually doing anything about it.  But  I’ve been having lots of fun cyber shopping at the CSN Stores, with over 200 online stores where you can find everything from cookware to cribs, from dining room sets to dog beds. 

I’m really excited about the opportunity to review one of the products from the  CSN stores.  There are so many things I need, and so many great things to choose from ~ who knows what I’ll pick! 

I’ll keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Feathering the Nest

  1. Hey Becca! Let me know if you need any help, want to look at any of the gorgeous paint effects I do, or just need help deciding what colors to pick. I’m always looking for something new to work on.

  2. I ordered a wonderful desk chair from them, which I use in my classroom, and it’s divine! However, next time I’d go with bookcases. I can never have enough of those, even with my newly purchased Nook. 😉 I look forward to seeing what you choose.

  3. I’m not familiar with CSN, but shopping for home dec stuff is something I do well. We’re about to start tweaking the house so we can list it for sale, and yet again, we’re making it cute just so we can leave.

    I really don’t want to move.,

  4. SOunds like tons of fun — looking forward to hearing about the results! Did you ever read Dorothy Draper’s classic “Decorating Is Fun!” (1940s, maybe?) Found a copy at an antique store and couldn’t resist. The principles hold true decades later, though the styles have definitely changed!

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