Marketing Madness (Take 2)

At that same business function I attended the other day, I met a woman who Tweets for a living.

Yes, Tweets ~ as in Twitter.

She also does Facebook and Linked-In, and something else  whose name I didn’t catch.

She’s made a career of being a Social Media expert.

Meeting her was rather serendipitous because earlier that day at the office we’d been looking at the prototype for our new website, noticing that it had been configured to display a live Twitter feed.

“We don’t need that, do we?” I queried. 

“I really think we should to try this,” said E., the young woman who’s managing our new marketing campaign.  “All the attorney’s we’re marketing have it on their web sites.”

Naturally, Sandra, the Social Media expert I referred to earlier, was in total agreement.

“Absolutely! You must put your name out there and get involved in social media networking and marketing!”  

I still wasn’t convinced.  A small medical case management group, targeting auto insurance, attorney, and geriatric cases ~ what on earth would we tweet?  Sandra wasn’t going to give her secrets away, but she offered this tidbit. “Everything you post should either educate, motivate, or stimulate,” she advised. 

Apparently while I’ve been playing around here in blog land, this brave new world of Social Media marketing has exploded all around me.  I started Googling the term, and the first link that pops up is Get A Degree in Social Media – from Full Sail University (my son’s alma mater).  Not surprisingly, it’s an online course.

So, I’ve been doing some further investigating, in hopes that any venture into this arena might be an area where my potential “marketing” talents might be put to better use.    My boss has even offered to send me to a seminar to learn more about this concept.    Although I’m still a little skeptical about the efficacy of social media for the needs of our particular company, I’m a lot more interested in the concept than I am in wandering around at cocktail parties or golf outings.

How about you?  What’s your take on social media?


10 thoughts on “Marketing Madness (Take 2)

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  2. I have a Facebook page I never look at. Sometimes I think I’ll just take it down.
    This social tweeting Facebooking world we have now disturbs me and I’ll tell you why.
    I see the result at the community college where I work. Teens and young adults come in, and they always have their phones in their hands, some are constantly looking at them while I’m trying to speak to them. When they do interact with me they have the personalities of a grape.
    Or, their parents come in with them and do all the talking and make all the decisions.
    I’m sure these grapettes could text, twitter and face book with the best of them but they don’t have a clue about the real world or how to carry on an intelligent conversation with a real person.
    Face-to-face interactions with real not virtual people is going to be a thing of the past.
    Yep, I think that Facebook page is coming down.

    • How interesting to hear this, but I can’t say I’m surprised. I see kids of all ages walking around in stores and on the street texting and tweeting, totally oblivious to what’s going on around them. I guess I thought they’d have sense enough to stop doing it if they were actually supposed to be talking to someone ~ like their college counselor!

      You’re right, it’s definitely disturbing when you think about it.

  3. I use Twitter and Facebook to help build my platform as an aspiring author, but without a clear focus (and sometimes I lose my focus) it can suck you in and even make you feel like you’re on the middle school playground, trying to make friends with the popular girls. I don’t have a phone that lets me tweet and Facebook from all places… yet. I’m still holding out, to create some separation. On twitter I’ve managed to connect and have conversations with some interesting people. It has led readers to my blog. I see it as a circle… twitter drives people to my blog, my blog to twitter. I try to reserve Facebook for people in my “real life” personal and professional network.

    I will give you a twitter tip this “expert” didn’t tell you… she’s right about the tweets needing to educate, motivate or stimulate. But I think in general, they just need to be interesting. If your morning latte is the best you’ve ever had, tweet it. People love coffee. And get involved with what other people are saying… if you’re just spouting out facts and figures, people won’t care.

    I don’t know about your company– but I’d love to see “Becca’s Byline” on Twitter. I’d be your first follower! 🙂

    • Good advice, Angie. Probably my first thought with a business Twitter would be to “spout facts and figures.” But I can see we need to add a human interest element to the Tweets too.

      BTW, I am on Twitter…my Twitter name is RavenousReader, and mostly associated with my book blog, but you’re welcome to “follow along.”

  4. I use Facebook to post pictures and little trivialities about my life to people I truly know in person. I’ve set all privicy settings to the highest and don’t accept whatever friend request.

    I’m often considering to start a twitter account but privacy is different there. In Belgium it is a fact that it is still mainly used by professionals and therefore there’s quite some interesting experts to follow & read. But those also indeed sometimes tweet a little personal triviality to keep the human interest as well.

    I personally love social media and see added value in it, but it also depends on the exact nature of the business and the audience you seek I suppose. Nevertheless I would surely take the opportunity to take some courses in this subject if given the chance!

    • How interesting that Twitter is used mostly for business in Belgium. I hadn’t even thought of it in business terms until recently. Thanks for sharing that info 🙂

  5. Becca,

    I was ready to rant and rave about twitter and FB and all – until I came across a perfect example of really using Twitter for marketing.

    I rarely link my stuff in comments, but in this case it will give you the context. I have a post up on Weather Underground that’s all about Lois, the Corpse Flower that bloomed there over the weekend. You can see the story here:

    Lois, the Corpse Flower.

    Here’s the story in short. Lois is 26 years old. She never had bloomed, but some fellow gave her to the Museum of Natural Science. All of a sudden, the Museum folks realized that this very rare flower, which VERY rarely blooms, was going to put on a show.

    Well. How do you get the word out that a six-foot tall flower that smells like rotting flesh when it blooms is going to do its thing, and people should come see it? Hard task, huh?

    As it turns out, some guy decided he was going to make it happen. He started tweeting AS Lois. The museum didn’t have a clue who he was, but word started to spread and they started to sell their $8 tickets to look at the thing. Eventually, they got even smarter, and installed a webcam so people could watch her progress. They had a contest: when is Lois going to bloom? People tweeted while they were in line to see here, had their pics taken with her and waved to the webcam.

    It became “the thing to do” to go see here. By the time she bloomed, the lines were out of the museum into the parking lot. People could come 24/7, and you could go to the site a 3 a.m. and see people lined up to see Lois. Last weekend when she bloomed, they had a midnight party. The identity of the Tweeter was revealed.

    A WEDDING took place there, for heaven’s sake.

    It was a wonderful example of social media getting the word out, educating a bunch of people about a weird flower and making buckets of money for the museum. I swear – it’s a case study in how to do these things. Just genius.

    • Wow, great story about the power of “Tweets.’ I think social media is a fact of life in the world of marketing – at least until the next new thing comes along. Used correctly, I can certainly see how it makes a difference.

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