Obscenely Beautiful

Forgive the flower pornography(and how many google searches will that generate, I wonder?) but don’t these Asiatic lilies make an incredible splash?  There are enough of these in my little backyard garden to create quite a show, and I’m even more excited because cuddled up right next to these golden beauties are a batch of blood red wonders ready to explode into bloom. 

You need sunglasses to water these plants.

Yellow seems to be “my” color this spring.  I bought two yellow jackets (the kind you wear, and not the kind that sting you), a yellow purse, and have yellow popping up all over the garden (there are tons of Stella Doro day lilies sharing space with these, and in the front yard borders as well.)

The color of light, of warmth, a joyous color.

I’ll take that.

How about you?  What’s your color these days?


6 thoughts on “Obscenely Beautiful

  1. Wow – that is a beautiful splash of yellow! Yellow reminds me of sunshine – it’s just such a happy color.
    I just bought an orange/coral hand bag that I LOVE. I wear a lot of black so it adds a perfect touch of color.
    Also, I’m suddenly aware of how much green I’m surrounded by. My work and home are both surrounded by lush, overgrown green forest. It’s so pretty to look at.
    Have a good Monday, Becca. xo

  2. Beautiful photo. I love lilies, even those common ones that we call tiger lilies. They seem to pop up on their own.

    Pink seems to be my color this season. I’m not usually a pink person, but I found myself buying geraniums in shades of pink and thinking of my sister this spring. Rosy colors were her favorites. I potted them and think of her when I look at them. Nice.

  3. Beautiful flowers, gorgeous color. I love yellow, but my current favorite color is orange. My wedding bouquet was made of orange roses, my family room and office are painted a shade of soft orange that makes me happy, I’m in love with orange.

  4. Nothing like yellow to rock your socks and this is stunning. I love these — I just realized you could cut them and bring them in — which I did!

    My color this season is turquoise/aqua. A little bluer than aqua, a little lighter than teal. But they all work together! Blouses, shirts, jewelry. You name it!

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